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A Course in Miracles
Helen Schucman (scribe for Jesus)
Table of Contents

A Course in Miracles

Chapter 1: The Meaning of Miracles

Chapter 2: The Separation and the Atonement

Chapter 3: The Innocent Perception

Chapter 4: The Illusions of the Ego

Chapter 5: Healing and Wholeness

Chapter 6: The Lessons of Love

Chapter 7: The Gifts of the Kingdom

Chapter 8: The Journey Back

Chapter 9: The Acceptance of the Atonement

Chapter 10: The Idols of Sickness

Chapter 11: God or the Ego

Chapter 12: The Holy Spirit's Curriculum

Chapter 13: The Guiltless World

Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth

Chapter 15: The Holy Instant

Chapter 16: The Forgiveness of Illusions

Chapter 17: Forgiveness and the Holy Relationship

Chapter 18: The Passing of the Dream

Chapter 19: The Attainment of Peace

Chapter 20: The Vision of Holiness

Chapter 21: Reason and Perception

Chapter 22: Salvation and the Holy Relationship

Chapter 23: The War Against Yourself

Chapter 24: The Goal of Specialness

Chapter 25: The Justice of God

Chapter 26: The Transition

Chapter 27: The Healing of the Dream

Chapter 28: The Undoing of Fear

Chapter 29: The Awakening

Chapter 30: The New Beginning

Chapter 31: The Final Vision