A Dictionary of All Religions and Religious Denominations/American Sect

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AMERICAN SECT[1], New, a congregation lately arisen in Pennsylvania, among the Welsh emigrants to that country under the auspices of the late Rev. M. J. Rees, who died at Somerset, in that state, in 1804. Their tenets are comprised in the following articles of their religious constitution. The convention shall be called the Christian Church, and never by any other name. Jesus Christ is the only head: believers in him, the only members: and the New Testament, the only rule of the fraternity. In mental matters, each member shall enjoy his own sentiments, and freely discuss every subject: but in discipline, a strict conformity with the precepts of Christ is required. Every distant society shall have the same power of admitting members, electing officers, &c. Delegates from the different congregations shall meet from time to time, to consult the general interest. At every meeting for religious worship, collections shall be made for the poor, and the promulgation of the gospel among the Heathen.[2]

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