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BRANLE (Fr. branle, a movement of the body from side to side). An old French dance, the generic name of all dances in which, like the Cotillon or Grossvater, the whole party of dancers were led by one or two. (Littré.) The branle of the time of Louis XIV was a branle serieux. It combined in itself the movements of the minuet and the polonaise. For an example of the music see p. 289.

[ E. P. ]

BRANLE (p. 271). The music of many Branles, and other old dances, is given in Arbeau's 'Orchésographie' (Langres 1588), a copy of which is in the British Museum. We quote two:—
{ \override Score.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f \time 4/4 \key f \major \tempo \markup { 1. \italic "Branle de la torche" } \partial 16 \relative g' { s16 \bar ":" g4 a bes bes | a2. a4 | g bes a g | fis2 fis | g4 a bes bes | a2. c4 | bes a8 g a4 a | g2 g \bar ":|:" \repeat volta 1 { e fis | g g } } }
{ \override Score.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f \override Score.Rest #'style = #'classical \time 4/4 \key f \major \tempo \markup { 2. \italic "Branle des Sabots" } \partial 16 \relative b' { s16 \bar ":" bes2 bes | c8 bes a g a4 f | g g f bes | bes a bes2 \bar ":|:" c8 bes a g a4 f | c'8 bes a g a4 f | f_\markup { \smaller \italic "tappement du pied droit" } r f r | f r \bar ":|" } }