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CARMAN'S WHISTLE, THE, an old English tune found in the Virginal books of Lady Nevill (1591) and Queen Elizabeth (1603-12), in both with harmony and variations by Byrd. The following is the air as there given (see Burney, 'History,' iii. 89):—

{ \time 6/4 \relative c'' { c2 c4 b2 g4 | a2 a4 g2. | g f4 c'2 | a4 b2\trill c2. | \break c2 c4 b2 g4 | a2 a4 b2. | c2 c4 b2 g4 | a4.\trill g8 a4 g2. | f4  a2 e4 g2 | d4 f2 e c4 | f a2 e4 g2 | f4. e8 d4 c2. | f4 a2 e4 g2 | d4 f2 e c4 | f a2 e4 g2 | f8 e d c d4\trill c2. \bar "||" } }

[App. p.579 "the first line is an introduction to the tune proper. In bar 3 of the first line for G, F, read A, G."]

In Chappell's 'Popular Music of the Olden Time' (p. 139) the tune is given to the words of 'The courteous carman and the amorous maid,' and is mentioned (p. 428) as suiting 'The country hostesses vindication.'

[ G. ]