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HAFNER. A name sometimes given to Mozart's Symphony in D (Köchel, No. 385),

{ \key d \major \override Score.Rest #'style = #'classical \time 4/4 \tempo \markup { \smaller \italic "Allegro con spirito." } \relative d' { d1_\markup { \smaller \italic unis. } \grace { d16[ d'] } d'2... d,,16 cis4 cis'' r r8. cis,,16 b4 b8. b16 b4.\trill a16 b a4 } }
to distinguish it from his 13 others in the same key. It was composed at the end of July and beginning of Aug. 1782, for the wedding of a daughter of the Hafners at Salzburg, one of the great merchant families of Germany. On July 21, 1776, another daughter of the same house had been married, and for that occasion Mozart furnished a March and Serenade (Köchel, Nos. 249, 250) for Orchestra, also in the key of D.

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