A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Com (II)

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COM. A righteous king of the Jaredites, who reigned in the later days of that nation. Like the preceding, his father's name was Coriantum, though they appear to have lived nearly a thousand years apart. Com's father was one of the dynasty of monarchs who were deposed and held in captivity by the successful house. In that captivity Com was born; but when he attained manhood he rebelled and gained possession of half the kingdom. When he had thus reigned 42 years he made war with Amgid, the ruler of the other half, and after a desolating conflict of many years he gained power over the whole realm. While he was king, robber bands, like unto the Gadiantons, began to appear, who administered secret and damnable oaths, after the manner of the ancients, and sought again to destroy the kingdom. Com fought these robbers with vigor, but without success, for they had the sympathy of the masses of the people, who were rapidly ripening for destruction. Many prophets came in these days, who foretold the impending destruction of the race, if the people did not repent and turn unto the Lord. But the voice of mercy and warning was rejected, and the sin-sunken Jaredites sought the lives of the heaven-inspired messengers. The prophets fled to Com for preservation, and he appears to have valiantly protected them. While with him they prophesied many things for his comfort and edification, and he was blessed of the Lord all the remainder of his days. He lived to a good old age, and begat Shiblom, who, at his death, reigned in his stead.