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MULEK, CITY OF. A city of the Nephites on the east borders by the sea shore, about a day's journey south of the city Bountiful, and therefore in the northernmost part of South America. It was captured by the Lamanites under Amalickiah (B. C. 67), who placed a Zoramite, named Jacob, in command. By stratagem, Moroni, Lehi and Teancum recaptured it (B. C. 64), when Moroni made it Lehi's headquarters. It again fell into the hands of the Lamanites when (B. C. 34-33) they drove the Nephites from all their possessions in the southern continent; but it was one of the first cities retaken by Moronihah, when the tide of victory turned (B. C. 32). It is then mentioned as being one of the cities to which Lehi and Nephi, the sons of Helaman, went forth calling the people to repentance, in that great mission which they commenced in the land of Bountiful and continued to the land of Lehi-Nephi, B. C. 30.