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A Field Book of the Stars/Cancer

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CANCER (kan'-ser)— THE CRAB. (Face West.)

Location—Cancer lies between Gemini and Leo. A line drawn from Nath in Auriga to Pollux in Gemini, and prolonged about 15 degrees, ends in Præsepe, the Manger, the great star cluster in Cancer, which is also called the Bee Hive. It contains thirty-six stars. The stars (γ) and (δ) are called the Aselli— the ass's colts feeding from the silver manger.

The star (β) lies about 10 degrees northeast of Procyon. Acubens (α) lies on the same line the same distance beyond (β). These two stars form the tips of the inverted "Y" which distinguishes Cancer.

An imaginary line from Capella through Pollux will point out Acubens. Close to it are two faint stars. The Bee Hive lies within an irregular square formed by γ, δ, η, and θ, and looks like a nebula to the naked eye. (δ) is situated in the line of the ecliptic.

Halley's Comet first appeared here in 1531.

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