A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Descriptive Songs/The Fox and the Goose

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16. The Fox and the Goose.


Good Mistress Goose, this charming day
Pray walk with me a little way;
The sun is up, the air is clear,
A walk will do you good, my dear.
Suppose we just go into town,
To hear and see what's going on;
Folks all admire your snow-white coat,
Bright eyes, and long and slender throat.


I thank you kindly, Mister Fox,
But more I thank the bolts and locks,
That make you stand outside the door,
To try elsewhere your lying lore.
Before you came the day was fair;
But since you spoke I do declare,
The sight of you, good sir, to day,
Has sent the whole sunshine away.