A Glimpse of the Golden Future

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In the long, slow, tedious and meandering march of evolution of human consciousness, culture and civilization, over the millennia, it has been only on rare turning points that Avatarlike multi-faceted geniuses with superhuman attributes have appeared on the human scene to raise human consciousness to a higher nobler plane. The Saint-Scholar-Philosopher Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, undoubtedly, belongs to this small rare group of divine vibhutis. Born on September 20, 1911 in a village Anwalkheda in Agra District, U.P., India, Acharyashri's whole life was devoted to Bhaghirath-like tapasya in clearing the way for the emergence of a new Era of universal peace, harmony and goodwill that could be linked with an era of descent of Heavens on the Earth. Acharyashri (known as Gurudev by the disciples) scrupulously carried out the biddings of his divine Guru, a great Himalayan Yogi. When he was only fifteen years of age he endeavored 24 Mahapurushcharans of Gayatri Mahamantra; took part in the nonviolent struggle for India's independence as a volunteer; went to jail a number of times as part of the freedom struggle, and embarked upon the task of social and moral upliftment through spiritual means with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Vandaniya Mata Bhagrvatidevi revered to be an incarnation of the Shako of Mother Goddess Durga by the Gayatri Pariwar has been the foremost collaborator and disciple of Gurudev Acharyashri (known as Gurudev by the disciples). She contributed the most in giving concrete shape to the ideals and dreams of her soul-mate. A sage, a visionary, a social reformer, Acharyashri propounded 100 points Yug Nirman Yojna for social, intellectual and spiritual evolution. He lived a simple, disciplined life full of devout austerity, visited the Himalayas several times and attained spiritual eminence and foresight.

He translated the entire Vedic Vangmaya in lucid Hindi with eloquent comprehensive introductions and accomplished a feat of writing more than 2400 enlightening books in Hindi on all aspects of life. His writings encompass far-reaching, sagacious and feasible solutions to the innumerable problems of today. The Gayatri Pariwar fraternity, Shantikunj Ashram (the headquarters of Gayatri Pariwar), an academy for moral and spiritual awakening; Brahmavarchas Research Institute which strives to synthesize science with spirituality, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan, Mathura, Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura and thousands of social reform and sadhana centres (Shakti Peeths) around the globe are other grand contributions of Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya to the modern world.

Millions of people in India and abroad have been fired kindled with missionary enthusiasm and zeal to transform their own lives and the society as a whole in the light of Yugrishi's messages. He voluntarily shed his physical sheath on Gayatri Jayanti, June 2,1990 but even after his physical departure from the scene, the Mission spread to global dimensions and 31 Ashwamedh Yagyas (24 in India, 7 abroad in U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and South Africa) were performed to carry forward the tasks initiated by the Yugrishi. The stablishment of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, aimed at resurrecting the spirit of globally reputed ancient universities like Takshila and Nalanda, is another milestone on the onward march of the Gayatri Pariwar mission towards the renaissance of Divine Culture. As a futurologist, Acharyashri has demonstrated unique ability to predict the future. During the last decade, when the cold war was at its zenith, he had accurately presaged about the impossibility of a third world war, nuclear non-proliferation and failure of the star-war programme. Some of his predictions of global importance that have come true are highlighted in the

Chapter 1 of this booklet. Chapters 2 and 3 present translations of some of his published works pertaining to the changes in the world map, socio-economic order and advent of a Golden Era in the 21s` Century. The booklet also presents:-Yug Nirman Satsankalp (Solemn Pledge) prescribed by him

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as the doctrine of future human religion on which rests the emergence of all-round peace, happiness and bright future. These are the formulae for changing and reforming individuals, their families and the society. They motivate us to concentrate on self-reformation rather than on giving advice to others.

Dr. Pranav Pandya Gurupurnima 2006

A Glimpse of the Golden Future

Time-affirmed Foretells of the Yugrishi An evening of January 1991 in Powai, Mumbai Hundreds of scientists, technologists,students and other staff of the IIT Bombay were engrossed in listening to the talk of an equally bright disciple of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. The curiosity was extreme as it was hardly 24 hours since the onset of unexpected war between Iraq and the United States of America. The world was holding breath with unprecedented fear on what shape the battle would take? When and how Russia (USSR) and Germany would react? When will the allies join the USA? Will the rest of the gulf be a mute observer? Several such questions were puzzling everybody's mind. Hidden beneath all news bulletins, war experts' analyses, political debates etc. was an apprehension of petroleum crisis, economic crash and a horrifying suspicion of a possible third world war.

It is in such moments of threat or adverse circumstances, which appear beyond one's control that one often remembers God, visits shrines, participates in mass prayers and seeks guidance from spiritual masters and saints. Perhaps this was the reason for larger than expected audience of a talk broadly pertaining to scientific spirituality. In view of the audience's natural query in the suddenly changed global scenario, the organizers had made special request to the speaker to focus on the role of spirituality in the times of War and Peace. The eloquent talk conveyed clear message of the Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya that the Supreme Creator will not let this beautiful world be tragically destroyed by the nuclear, chemical, biological or other devilish warfare. It might have sounded like utopia to most people among the audience to hear a confident, authoritative statement in those delicate war-prone moments that "although the war will continue for few weeks, but as per Yugrishi's prophecy there will be no world war". When even the expert analysts of global recognition were so uncertain about the unpredictable course of the war, how could Gurudev (Yugrishi) foretell about it with such a remarkable certainty? How could his scientifically trained disciples have absolute faith in what he predicted? More surprising is the fact that Gurudev had made several such predictions decades before he voluntarily left the physical body in June 1990. Many of his earlier predictions have also withstood the tests of time. Those who have had the opportunity to be associated with him for sometime must have witnessed his supernatural vision beyond the barriers of time and space.

During the War of 1971 between India and Pakistan, the cold-war between the two super nuclear powers had also got 'heated up'. The Pentagon had launched its muchtalked-of seventh warship (Satavan Jahazi Beda) towards the Indian Ocean to help its 'satellite country'. Every nautical mile traversed by the gigantic warship equipped with high-tech strategic gadgets was aggravating the threat and compounding manifold the concerns of the Indian Army. The next morning Gurudev declared in his discourse that the great rishis, Himalayan Yogis, will not let anybody's evil intentions succeed in attacking the land of divine philosophy and culture.

Later in the day he called the senior disciples and informed them about his exceptional sadhana in absolute silence, without taking any food and water. He instructed them not to disturb him during this special spiritual endeavor even if it continues for several days. He started the supernormal sadhana experiment before the dawn of the next day to prevent the mishap. Within 48 hours of his sublime spiritual experiment, the American warship mysteriously reversed its direction! It was astounding event for the A Glimpse of the Golden Future 7 world. The strategic planers and defense experts too could not quite understand what could have been the reason for this U-turn by the Pentagon or what made the White House suddenly annal its decision? Another event that raised global concern and curiosity was the fall of the sky-lab in July 1979. Two days before the American space shuttle failed in elevating this first of its kind space-lab to safer altitude failed and it became apparent that the giant structure or its debris (of tones) would fall randomly, Gurudev had asked all the disciples present in Shantikunj, Haridwar to collectively initiate a Gayatri AnusthanaF2 jointly with him to generate a flow of sublime power-current in Nature necessary to counter an unprecedented threat likely from the space.

People over there thought it might be some meteor-explosion, supernova effect or some astrologically negative signal. But soon the reason was obvious to everyone when the newspapers and radio broadcasts broke the news. The major fear was the alarming danger of devastation that was almost sure to be caused by the debris of the huge structure (91 metric ton weight, orbital mass over 77000 kg and 282 cubic meter habitable volume) that was now falling towards the earth. Gurudev disclosed that the experiment was much more than mass prayers to minimize the loss due to the crash. He explained that no one could deny the Laws of Nature and hence the gravitational force. Given that the sky-lab has begun falling down, the best thing we aim is to divert its trajectory to prevent the likely disaster and cease the tragedy. For example, instead of destroying habitation or jungles on the earth, it may be plunged in an ocean, he explained. The super-sonic force generated by the simultaneous japa of Gayatri Mantra by dedicated sadhakas is so intense that if focused, it can even propel a spacecraft. Those who have experienced the rare energy vibrations and extrasensory currents in the Himalayan region or in the vicinity of great yogis may understand the point better than those who consider the material based science as ultimate reality. Well, irrespective of the arguments for and against such possibilities, what is remarkable without any scope for debate here is that more than twelve hours before the giant space lab entered the earth’s atmosphere, Gurudev confidently declared that now the purpose of the Anusthank is accomplished, the fall will be safe plunging in the Indian Ocean. The validity of his foretell is what the world witnessed - without any control of NASA, Russian Space Agency (RSA) or any other observatory or space research centre, the skylab (debris) submerged in the south of Indian Ocean!

Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya was a true saint. Despite being a siddha of Gayatri and Yagya at the preeminent level of the rishis (seer-sages) of the Vedic Age, he kept his supernatural powers away from publicity and lived an austere life of a devotee whose heart pulsated for the welfare of all living beings. Millions of people in agony or those suffering from adversity of circumstances, as well as the seekers of spiritual light used to go to him with their prayers. No one returned empty-handed. His divine blessings, pure love and enlightening guidance fulfilled their lives with happiness,self-awakening and miraculous support from the visible and the subtle worlds. Several volumes of thousands of pages would be required if one attempts to compile the experiences of all those who ever had the opportunity to meet this rishi of our times (Yugrishi). His life was an open book that stood as a living testimony to the universality of the science of spirituality.Until the past few decades, the possibilities of happy future were dimmed by the thick smog of doubts and despair caused by the terror of nuclear wars, star-war,

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economic crisis, diminishing natural resources, unabated environmental pollution, population explosion and the rising hazard of natural calamities because of disruption of the harmony of the ecosystem. It was impossible to imagine how the course of events would ever be diverted or controlled before the 'dead-end'. But, the speeches and writings of this Yugrishi always showed a silver line of hope. The spiritually empowered acumen of this angelic saint had a reach in the realms of subtler world. Future was apparent before his eyes like projection of a movie on the screen in front. However, he foretold about the future events only when it was a must to make people aware of their duties and preparations well in advance. Collection of his discourses1 and his articles in the Gayatri Pariwar's core monthly magazines "Akhand Jyoti" and "Yug Nirman Yojna" especially some issues after 1980 give clear indications (e.g. see the translations of some excerpts in the following and in Chapters 2 and 3 of this book) of the golden future but the crucial times at the juncture of the changing eras. His style of writing was so lucid and convincing that his prophesies also used to sound like logically drawn conclusions. It's amazing to note that way back in late 1960s he had given clear hints about likelihood of immuno-deficiency disorders what we now know as AIDS. The breaking of the Berlin wall, disintegration of USSR, etc were also foretold by him in these magazines. Translations of some related excerpts 12-41 of these are presented here.

"Nature has its own ways of maintaining the balance necessary for the protection and evolution of life on the planet where it has bestowed enormous resources for its sustenance and expansion. The growing pleasure-driven tendencies and comfort-hungry lifestyle in the consumerized, self-centered society today should be cautiously checked. If man does not discipline his habits and sensual lust, it might happen that his body's natural defense mechanism itself would revolt against him. Then, there won't be any escape from the dreaded consequences!"

"Few hundred years till the midst of nineteenth century before have seen the world of blood-shed revolutions, fanaticism and horrifying wars. The echoes of the two world wars seem to have overshadowed the constructive powers of scientific developments too. But Remember! The Creator of the World is superior to all super-powers here. The revolutionary impulse of change inspired by HIM has propagated at the spiritual level and is soon going to manifest itself in the form of revolution of thoughts (Vichar Kranti). I can see it that those preparing for 'head-on collision' of their mighty high-tech weaponry with the rivals will soon understand the self-destructive risk of such daring attempts and will instead tilt towards an approach of negotiation."

"The influence of the cosmic evolutionary force of the Omnipotent can bring epochal changes, which are beyond our imagination. One can't believe today that the wall between the East and West of Germany will break for unity and peace. Why a mighty power like the USSR would let itself disintegrate? How would then the other superpower be checked? But we shall soon see that all these will happen. The other superpower will not be able to save its economic interests without giving due share to the interest of the developed countries. Its declining cultural and social values will also compel it to invite manpower from rest of the world and alter its socio-economic trends of luxurious possession. Victory of democracy even in the countries, which are ruled by military or imperialism since long, will also become a visible reality” "Emancipation of women will no longer be only the matter of discussions in intellectual forums or handful of activists in social organizations. Rise of women power will be

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significant in the regional and global scenario ".

While referring to the future, he always warned about the testing times that need to be faced bravely and with adept preparations before the dawn of the new era. He often used to say "the dawn of the new era is like the birth of a new baby for which the Mother Nature (and hence every living being here) will have to wait and also prepare to bear the' labor pains."

The period between 1980 and 2010 was referred by him as crucial for that purpose. "Best possible attempts from the political, social, scientific, economical fronts should no doubt be accelerated but the most vital need of this critical phase is devout endeavors of spiritual awakening by the saintly souls and their followers. Without which the sins, the evils the follies of mankind that have put the globe on the verge of extinction cannot be rectified".

Apart from hundreds of reformative, educative and reconstructive programmes for the welfare of the masses he motivated and enabled people elevate their inner strength and inculcate virtuous tendencies by Gayatri Sadhana. Dissemination of the philosophy and practice of Yagya in scientific light was another milestone of his divine mission that inspired the masses towards altruistic service and organized activities for eradication of blind customs and expansion of knowledge. Noted among the majestic spiritual experiments guided by him is the Yuga Sandhi Mahapurascarana of total 2400 crore japa (rhythmic enunciation with meditation) of the Gayatri Mantra by collective participation of millions of sadhakas across the globe around the sunrise time every day during 1980-2000. Although his suksmikarana sadhana 3 alone was sufficient to create suitable ambience and generate the necessary flow of spiritual energy for the grand transformation, the objective of this group - sadhana was to awaken the force of collective consciousness and train the potential torch-bearers of the new world order.

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There will be radical change in the present map of the world

(Translation of a Hindi Article"' by the Yugrishi)

Preparation for the third world war is in full swing and missiles are poised to destroy each other at a moment's notice. The reason being the intention of certain groups or class of people to dominate over the under-privileged masses. It is irrelevant to discuss who made the first move. Traditionally more powerful and competent groups of aliens have been exploiting the helpless natives. This is the principle on which a governing system operates. Ever since the dawn of human history, exploitation of man by man has followed more or less a similar pattern.

The powers which were encouraged to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan and made it surrender to them, had also been following the same tradition of forging an alliance for dominating over the vulnerable. This philosophy of exploitation of the weaker itself is the root cause of all conflicts and wars. Ever since men began to think in this way, there have been wars with the available logistics and till man gives up this policy there will be no end to these confrontations.

Today, however, there is a greater cause for anxiety because of possibilities of widespread destruction by nuclear weapons. Even if a nuclear confrontation could be postponed, wars would continue to be fought with other armaments, since the root cause continues to be exploitation of the weaker, less privileged classes of people, by the powerful groups. This is also the basis on which the boundaries of countries have been drawn. Had it not been so, geographical features would have been deciding the national sovereignty.

A characteristic feature of such an ideal set-up would have been a just status for the backwards and the progressive class would have felt its responsibility for upliftment and progress of the underprivileged people. Since in any society the number of competent persons is always less than that of the weaker section, the progressive class, which is in minority, is required to take up the responsibility to provide guidance to the former and also cater to its needs of reformation and social upliftment. But does such a situation exist today?

A small number of resourceful, privileged people have occupied maximum possible territory by virtue of their superior intellect, administrative efficiency, superior knowledge, greater resources and declared themselves as owners of land. This is the "Law of jungle" which advocates "Might is right". The basic cause of confrontation between people as mentioned earlier, is demarcation of boundaries of nations and control thereof by groups having vested interests. It tantamounts to an unprincipled grabbing of power. The more powerful a country is, the more the former would be successful in intimidating the weaker nations and in maintaining a strong hold thereupon. In such an environment, all class of people aspire to become powerful and on the first available opportunity jump to subjugate the weaker. This has been the scenario in the medieval period, when, whoever could muster a large army, was inclined to attack the neighbouring state and after plundering its people, annexed the land to their own. Today, this philosophy continues to be the same, but strategies have changed. Though open confrontations are not sought, there is a camouflaging of principles on sinister designs. Still the more privileged, powerful nations tend to exercise their control on the neighbouring and distant countries, so that they are

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able to exploit the latter to the maximum extent, besides retaining their own supremacy.

The Illogical Political Borders

Since ages, the boundaries of countries have assumed such permanency, that they appear to us as natural landmarks. Whoever is an occupant of whichever part of land on this earth, appears to be its justifiable owner. Nevertheless, a critical appraisal from the point of natural justice and propriety would present an entirely different picture. Where does one find an equitable distribution of natural resources of earth amongst the sons and daughters of mother earth? Are the more affluent and developed nations endeavouring to provide the less privileged classes of mankind more happiness and prosperity by voluntarily reducing their own necessities and comforts? Had man adopted such a philosophy, there would not have arisen any necessity for forging alliances or conquering lands. With such an ideology, man would have considered whole earth as property of God and everyone would have had an equal opportunity to take advantage of natural resources found anywhere on this earth. With this doctrine, man would not have needed boundaries dividing the nations. Even if such a demarcation was required, the basis would have been necessities like transportation and not political groupism.

Gas and oil fields are mainly confined to some Arab countries of Middle East. These are thus under the control of a small number of people, whereas being a god-given natural resource, should it have been a property of the entire humankind? Likewise, there are very large unpopulated expanses in Africa and America, whereas in the densely populated countries like India and China, man has to face many inconveniences because of shortage of habitable land. The humankind should live like a family on this earth and the land should belong to all. Everyone should derive advantage from the produce of land without any discrimination. Injustice begins when inhabitants of a particular land behave like its owners and intend to keep the produce of its natural resources exclusively for their own selves.

On account of the aforesaid selfish unethical thinking, the more privileged class does not tolerate the freedom of the weaker section. On the other hand, there perpetually exists a suppressed desire amongst the vulnerable class to become more powerful and stand in revolt against this domination. Such a disposition has been the cause of small and big confrontations between groups of people and if allowed to persist, there will not be an end to wars on this earth.

The Divine Will

Let it be known that the divine powers are now going to force all militant and aggressive powers to accept a lasting treaty of peace. The big powers are today threatening each other of consequences of starting a war. Under these circumstances, those who do not intend to be wiped out are advised to see reason and boldly retreat. The war which appears imminent would not take place. It is my assurance and prophecy that this war will be definitely deferred. For the time being the I.C.B.M.s will not be launched. But is it going to save the human kind? A war is not waged with explosives only. The real war is the war of economics of acquisition of resources. So long the borders between the nations exist separating man from man, new frontiers of war would open and humankind would continue to face disaster.

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Now God Almighty is going to provide a collective one-time solution to all human problems. Not only there will be a deterrent to the nuclear war, the boundaries separating the countries, which various class and groups of people have drawn for forcible occupation by virtue of their superiority, would also be removed. None of the countries shown in today's political map of the world would remain as such in future. "A Global Nation" will come into existence and the land on this earth redistributed and reclassified according to industrial requirements and transportational needs of humankind as a whole.

Is It a Utopian Concept?

The fore-mentioned world order may appear inconceivable today. Why should America give up its privileges or Russia permit its allies to take a soft stand? Why China would allow its vast land to be distributed amongst others? Would the oil producing countries share their resources with aliens? It is unlikely that anyone would voluntarily agree to this arrangement in the normal course particularly the nations which are prosperous and privileged ones. On the other hand, the under-privileged weaker nations hardly have a leverage to exert for a global redistribution of resources. In the present environment, it may appear that whatever is being said here is impossible to happen. But God's ways are strange. It should be remembered that man has never been able to predict the future course of history.

During the last few years, everywhere in the world, unimaginable revolutionary changes have taken place in political, financial and educational fields. The transformations, which this world has seen in economic and political scenario between the first and the second world wars and thereafter, have been extraordinary and were perhaps beyond any stretch of imagination for the contemporary people. For instance the changes which took place in Europe between the rise and fall of Hitler could hardly have been thought of earlier. The events to happen should, therefore, not be viewed in the background of present environment.

Advent of Global Brotherhood

God is now going to eradicate wars from the face of the earth once for all. Divine powers are not bothered about trivialities like determent of atomic and chemical warfare. This much man is capable of achieving with his own common sense. Since God wishes to deter wars forever, HE will also remove the root cause-the boundaries between the nations. In the days to come, the map of the world won't show the many small and big countries as in existence today. Since time immemorial man has been toying with the concept of "One World One Nation" The idea of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (all beings as a global family) has been advocated since long. Now it is going to become a reality.

Responsibilities of the Elders

The largest number amongst the people of the world consists of those who are backward from the point of view of knowledge, resources, experience and skill. Since this is the class on which the interests of majority depends, it deserves a preferential treatment. The truth, however, is otherwise. The prosperous and knowledgeable sections of society, which are in minority, have an upper hand. The mature-grown-ups are supposed to look after the young ones. Following this principle, the so-called elders are required to rethink and take care of the under-privileged class of the people in the same manner as

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guardians bring up their large number of children and make them self-dependent. Let it be known, that the privileged minority will be made to give up the accustomed practice of exploiting the helpless weaker people.

Reconcile to The Inevitable

Divine activities and creations are all miraculous. Out of a pitch dark cold night, suddenly appears the bright glowing globe of the sun. Being used to this phenomena, man does not consider it a miracle, which it is no doubt. In a clear sky, all of a sudden from nowhere clouds appear and within moments cover man and beast alike with a heavy downpour. This, no doubt, is greatly amazing.

The end of all wars is imminent and it is the WILL OF GOD. Let man mend his ways according to HIS desire. Since the armaments created by man for global destruction are going to be inactivated, let the sensible people also consider changing the present borders of countries which are illogical and damaging from the point of view of cause and consequences. This change would not depend upon superiority or might of man with which the more powerful pulls apart the larger chunk of flesh, but on necessity of nature, which desires humanity to survive and live in peace for a long time. Hence, instead of having skirmishes now and then, it would be much better for man to take decisions once for all after considering all pros and cons. It has to be done, since God desires man to do so.

Mankind would not be permitted to remain fragmented. Differential treatment of man on the basis of caste, class or sex is not justified. On the same principle, a particular class of people occupying a certain land cannot be considered as its owner. History and tradition can no longer be quoted to justify a claim on territory, since in the new world order; the most ancient doctrines are going to be replaced by the most recent ones. When this planet came into existence and man appeared on it, there were no borders separating communities into countries, castes and colour. Man roamed allover the earth depending upon his convenience. He stayed wherever life-sustaining resources were available. It is in the nature of man to love and live together with other persons in groups. Man is not a loner. Then what has happened now to make him seek alienation and confrontations? In days to come, whoever would make an endeavour to hoard things for his own self would suffer serious consequences of envy. The concept that the more affluent and privileged class is favorite of God and is more virtuous and fortunate is no longer tenable. Those having faith in GOD believe that HE is capable of stopping a global confrontation. They may also add one more conviction to their faith that HE is going to redraw a new map for the world and formulate new rules and regulations for its inhabitants. The cloth on which the map of the world was drawn has now become worn and tattered. It can no longer be used with repairs. This dress, which belonged to the little three-year old world, can no longer be worn. The world has now grown to become twentythree years old. Hence it needs a totally new attire.

I am ordained by God for this work. The rulers of the world will be compelled to change their ways and desist from talking in terms of war. They will be motivated to withdraw their belligerent stands and withhold their armaments. The intellectuals amongst the masses will also be forced to declare the existing political organizations unsuitable for humankind. They will inform people that the traditional, historical demarcation of countries has become outdated and infructuous. That in the changed

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environment new arrangements were needed and will be made. "One Nation for Global Humankind" would no longer remain merely an ideal. Now divine powers would create a suitable framework for the same, in which the philosophy of life as "Live and Let live" and "Global Brotherhood" will not only be appreciated but also adopted by the humankind. In order to achieve this objective, Divinity would usher in a revolution in the existing philosophies and man will see it as a regeneration of the degenerated world.

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Our role in the new world order

While taking stock of the untoward situations prevailing currently in almost every domain of life, Yugrishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had declared about four decades ago that all evils, maligns, follies and anomalies of the present era will be soon fought by the omnipotent Mahakala - the Supreme Time-Spirit, the invisible, omnipresent, sole regulator of the cosmic order, the eternal force of evolution and ultimate transmutation. Excerpts of what he told and wrote from time to time'-'1 convey - "The revival of the Age of Truth has begun in the sublime world. It won't take too long for its dawn in the world we live in". He referred the 21" Century as Women's Century, the millennium commenced with which will see the prominence of the virtues of womanhood - benevolent sentiments of love, compassion and service.

Ascent of Divine Culture

Gurudev often used to cite the authentic reports on predictions of renowned foretellers like Nostradamus, Madame Blawetksi, Jean Dixon, etc. He presented an unbiased analysis of both the positive as well as skeptical and negative views of different futurologists - including the prophetic quotes in different religious scriptures and doctrines.

Referring to what he experiences of the role of Indian Philosophy and culture in the century ahead, he explained in a discourse" - "I get a clear view of the future world where India, the country of the Vedic Rishis, the torchbearer of the divine culture, is going to lead the world. It is also going to guide the spiritual progress of the world. Several sages of the ancient times have foreseen this possibility. Noted among them is Nostradamus of France, whose poetic quatrains mysteriously predicted several events of future a millennium ahead; eight hundred of his predictions have come true - including the break-down of World War II, terrorist attack on World Trade Centre, etc. So popular his long unnoticed notebook has become that many scholars the world over are decoding and researching this rhetoric ancient manuscript".

"Some of Nostradamus' predictions of the years still concealed in the folds of future include that of united efforts of India and Russia, warlike conflicts between America and China etc. Well, most important of his predictions in today's context are those sighting a glimpse of the future of the world beyond the 21s` century...! In a nutshell, the implications of these are - integration of Indian philosophy and spirituality with the western science and rise of India as the super power of the world. Indeed these possibilities have begun to surface on the world scenario in several respects".

"Today America is a mighty power, prominent in the world scenario. But even if it plans and succeeds in making many more high-tech nuclear bombs, star-wars, ultraadvanced spacecrafts like Challenger, etc, the future lies in India's hand. Nature needs a balance. Science without ethics, intellect without sensitivity, technology sans spirituality cannot achieve global peace and welfare. But if India has to lead the world tomorrow, where are the people to shoulder this responsibility? We need dedicated, duty-bond talents with high integrity of character and spiritual qualities. I want to train you all for this purpose because I know you are born for big purpose. I have developed Shantikunj into a kind of 'university' for chiseled refinement of personality and elevation of character; it is like a nursery of nurturing the saplings of would-be

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leaders, great citizens, spiritually awaken talents... I want to develop it like the Nalanda University of the ancient times".

He envisaged a three-fold mode of evolution for resurrecting the bright era (Yug Nirman) via reformation and improvement at the personal, familial and social levels. The new socio-political-economic system he said would not be hierarchical, rather it would work with collective cooperation like that of the waves in an ocean. He considered the purity of intellect and enlightenment of talents as an urgent need of the present era. He has invited talents and expertise from every domain of art, culture, literature, social sciences, law, education, politics, finance and social, physical and biological sciences and technology, etc and called for the leaders, professionals, experts, scholars, authorities and potential architects of the human society and the future of the world to come out of the shells of narrow interests and 'prejudiced' inclinations and realize their extra responsibilities in this critical period... Those who will join hands in this unique venture of Yug Nirman would be worthy of the immortal glory of being the associates of Mahakala. The radiance of their dedicated endeavors would brighten up the dawn and ascent of the divine era in the coming century.

In his words "It is an emergency period when we will have to dedicate our endeavors to serve the dual purpose of preventing the decline and destruction of human dignity and simultaneously establishing the righteous trends of elevation and development in multiple dimensions of life. Each one of us will have to play his altruistic role with due responsibility during this critical phase. I will continue to devote every second of my life, every impulse of my vital energy without pause until the dawn of the divine era becomes visible. You should also prepare to be a part of the epochal mission and take the glorious credit which the Almighty wants to bestow upon you "Don't think that your capabilities are limited, what can you do to revert the declining trends when the whole world seems to move with the flow of time. Haven't you heard of the Pandvas? What had happened in the War of Mahabharat? Even the most intrepid and skilled warrior like Arjun was baffled in the battlefield. Arjun's concern would appear genuine to any logical mind. The Pandvas were only five with their handful of resources and friends while the Kauravas were hundred and had well equipped grand army of millions of soldiers? Moreover most of those on the enemy's side were the near and dear relations and friends of the Pandavas. It was impossible in an ordinary case, to imagine even in a dream, the survival of Pandavas, leave aside the chance of their victory. Then Lord Krishna had revealed -'Hey Arjun! In fact, (as per the Law of Nature: defeat of the divine over the devil,) I have already 'killed them' and kept the crown of victory ready for you. You just have to throw the bows against them using best of your potentials and get ready to be sworn in as great kings together with other Pandvas after the decisive war". "Similarly, I have already done whatever was essential for the Yug Nirman project of the Almighty. You only have to come forward to see its manifestation and take the credit. You don't have to conquer anyone or risk any defeat. Then what is the problem? Don't make excuses of having no time, or having got to look after the family, children's career, their marriages, etc, etc. When Arjun was shying away from his destined duties, Lord Krishna had finally ordered him (c f. holy Gita) to fight, follow the firm duty of a soldier in the battlefield -tasmat yuddhyay yujaswa. You too, should not under any pretext, shy away from your duties as virtual devatas (blessed souls). You may be ignorant of your destiny and of the future of the world but I am not".

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Irrespective of what one's faith, lineage and nationality is, every one who is awakened and would like to contribute his share of duties in this critical phase may begin by adopting what this great saint, the angelic sage, guided as the global manifesto of the New Age. (c f. "Solemn Pledge" in the last section of this book)

The Last Message of Yugrishi

(Delivered before he voluntarily shed off the physical sheath on June 2, 1990)

"My soul's embodied sojourn on Earth is about to come to a close. Every breath of this long life-span of eighty years has been spent, in a spirit of total self-surrender to the Indwelling, All-pervading Divinity, while selflessly and single-pointedly carrying out the behests of my Divine Gurusatta, living in astral-causal sheaths in the remote Himalayas. The stupendous and Herculean task of uplifting humanity into the Golden Era of Satyug (Age of Truth) will be far more swiftly and effectively accomplished by working, as a liberated soul, through the self-effectuating and all-conquering divine cosmic energies of the higher planes of consciousness, instead of somehow carrying on the work with this worn-out physical sheath. Hence the decision to cast it off. The light of which I have been an instrument and medium will not extinguish with my withdrawal from the physical realm. I assure all parijansF4' that I will continue living and working with them at Shantikunj and elsewhere in my astral-causal body as a concrete presence and guide, help and inspire them in their efforts to lead humanity into the Golden Era of Truth, Light and Immortality. I will finally merge into the Blissful Luminous causal self at the end of this century, after humanity has taken decisive leap into the cosmic consciousness and attained the light of New Era of spiritual Unity, Harmony and Peace.

The bonds of spiritual kinship that bind us will continue growing deeper and stronger with the passage of time".

"My soul is like a Brahma-Kamal (celestial lotus) in full bloom. Throughout this life I have sown numberless seeds of this lotus in aspiring souls who have turned to me. I am sure, these seeds, wherever they have fallen on fertile soil, will sprout and grow up into full-bloomed Brahma-Kamals themselves and become the torch-bearers for the spread of Divine Light on Earth.

My blessings, love and prayer-filled wishes to all parijans. I will always be with them in their selfless and noble endeavours in this divine work".

-Shriram Sharma Acharya

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The Solemn Pledge (Satsankalp) of the Angelic Mission of Yug Nirman 1. Firmly believing in the Omnipresence of God and His Unfailing justice, we pledge to abide the essential disciplines of Divine principles (Dharma). 2. Regarding the body as the Temple of (soul) God, we will be ever watchful to keep it healthy and full of vitality by adopting the principles of self-restraint, order and harmony in our daily-lives. 3. With a view to keeping our minds free from the inrush of negative thoughts and emotions, we will adopt a regular program of study of ennobling and inspiring literature (swadhyaya) and of keeping the company of saints (satsang). 4. We will vigilantly exercise strict control over our senses, thoughts, emotions and in the spending of our time and resources. 5. We will consider ourselves inseparable parts of the society and will see our good in the good of all. 6. We will abide by basic moral code, refrain from wrong doing and will discharge our duties as citizens committed to the well-being of the society. 7. We will earnestly and firmly imbibe in our lives the virtues of Wisdom, Honesty, Responsibility and Courage. 8. We will constantly and sincerely endeavour to create an environment of loving kindness, cleanliness, simplicity and goodwill. 9. We will prefer failure while adhering to basic moral principles to so-called success obtained through unfair and foul means. 10.We will never evaluate a person's greatness by his worldly success, talents and riches but by his righteous conduct and thoughts. 11.We will never do unto others what we would not like to be done unto us. 12.Men and women while interacting with each other will have feelings of mutual respect and understanding based on purity of thoughts and emotions. 13.We will regularly and religiously contribute a portion of our time, talents and resources for spreading nobility and righteousness in the world. 14.We will give precedence to discriminating wisdom over blind traditions. 15.We will actively involve ourselves in bringing together people of goodwill, in resisting evil and injustice, and in promoting New Creation. 16.We will remain committed to the principles of national unity and equality of all human beings. In our conduct, we will not make any discrimination between person and person on the basis of caste, creed, color, religion, region, language or sex. 17.We firmly believe that each human being is the maker of his own destiny. With this conviction, we will uplift and transform ourselves and help others in doing so. We believe the world will then automatically change for the better. Our Motto is: "Hams Badalenge Yuga Badalega", "llama Sudharenge Yuga Sudhrega". The trends of our times will transform, when we transform ourselves. When we reform ourselves, the world will be reformed.

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