A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America/Notes by the Publisher

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The author of this work, having generously place it at the disposal of the Memorial Associations of Virginia,—engaged in the pious task of collecting the remains of the Southern soldiers who fell on Virginia battle-fields, with the view of enclosing and marking their graves,—it is published at the lowest possible cost, for the purpose of raising funds for this praise-worthy object. All the profits arising from the sale of the work will be sacredly appropriated to the end in view. In a letter to the publisher Gen. Early says: "Perhaps I might have made something by a sale of the work; but I wanted to keep clear of all suspicion of writing a book for money." He adds: "You can judge whether it is worthy of republication. One thing is certain—it contains the truth." And nobody who knows Jubal A. Early as we know him, will question his veracity.

Apart from the intrinsic merits of the work,—as a valuable contribution to the history of the late war—revealing facts connecting with a campaign that has not been understood even by our own people,—it is hoped that the laudable object of those who have incurred the expense of republishing it, will secure for this production of a gallant and meritorious officer an extended sale.