A Naval Biographical Dictionary/Addendum: Wallis, Provo William Parry

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WALLIS. (Captain, 1819.)

Provo William Parry Wallis did not actually go to sea until he joined the Cleopatra in Sept. 1800. His name had been only borne on the books of the Oiseau, Prevoyante, and Asia. He was wrecked in the Curieux 21 Sept. 1809; the date we have elsewhere given being that of the court-martial which took place on the occasion. In the Gloire he was present, 18 Dec. 1809, at the destruction of the 40-gun frigates Loire and Seine, and of the batteries of Ance la Barque, Guadeloupe. For his conduct at the capture of the Chesapeake he received a letter of approbation, from the Admiralty. The Niemen was at first, intended for service at the Cape of Good Hope, but her destination was changed. Capt. Wallis was specially deputed, in the Warspite, to watch the operations of the French at Mogador. His wife was a daughter of the Ven. Roger Massey. We should have styled his sister Lady James, not Lady Elizabeth, Townshend. In April, 1847, Capt. Wallis was offered the Good-Service Pension; but this he declined for the appointment of Naval Aide-de-Camp to the Queen. Agents – Hallett and Robinson.

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