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BLAKISTON. (Commander, 1821. f-p., 15; h-p., 29.)

Thomas Blakiston, born in Dec. 1790, is fourth son of the late Sir Matthew Blakiston, Bart., by Ann, daughter of John Rochford, Esq., of Clogranne, co. Carlow; and brother both of the present Baronet, and of Capt. John Blakiston, of the 27th regiment. His paternal grandfather was Lord Mayor of London in 1760.

This officer entered the Navy, 4 June, 1803, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Magnificent 74, Capt. Wm. Henry Jervis, in which ship he was wrecked on a sunken rock near Brest, 25 March, 1804. He then became Midshipman of the Tonnant 80, commanded by the same officer, and next served with Sir John Gore in the Medusa 32, and Revenge 74, on the East India and Home stations. Being unfortunately taken prisoner on the night of 15 July, 1806, while employed with the boats of a squadron in an attempt to bring out a convoy of 50 sail, lying under the protection of two brig-corvettes in the river Gironde, he remained in captivity until the close of 1809, when he contrived to escape from the prison of Givet, and reached Flushing, then in the possession of the British. He passed his examination early in Jan. 1810, and on 11 of the same month was made Lieutenant into the Harpy 18, Capt. Geo. Wm. Blamey. On 4 Sept. following he rejoined Sir John Gore in the Tonnant, stationed in the Channel, and, on again accompanying him into the Revenge, assisted in the boats of that ship at the cutting out of a French felucca privateer from the harbour of Falamos, on the coast of Spain, 8 Nov. 1813.[1] The Revenge being paid off in Sept. 1814, Mr. Blakiston, from 25 March, 1818, until his advancement to his present rank, 2 July, 1821, was next employed in the Bulwark 74, as Flag-Lieutenant to his friend Sir J. Gore, who, during that period, was Commander-in-Chief at the Nore. He has not since been employed.

He married, 9 Aug. 1827, Harriet, fourth daughter of John Harvey, Esq., of Thorpe Lodge, co. Norfolk, and by that lady has issue three daughters.

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