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BLANCKLEY. (Lieutenant, 1844.)

Henry Duncan Blanckleyy is son of the late Capt. Edw. Blanckley, R.N., and grand-nephew of the first Lord Nelson.

This officer entered the Navy in 1832; passed his examination 1 May, 1839; and served as Mate, on the Home, Cape of Good Hope, and Mediterranean stations, of the Salamander and Devastation steam-vessels, both commanded by Capt. Hastings Reginald Henry, Heroine brig, Lieut.-Commander Thos. Dilnot Stewart, Isis 44, Capt. Sir John Marshall, Caledonia 120, flag-ship of Sir David Milne, and Flamer steamer, Lieut.-Commander Chas. Jas. Postle. He was appointed soon after his promotion, which took place 2 Dec. 1844, to the Rattler steam-sloop, Capt. Henry Smith; and since 12 June, 1846, has been serving in the Inflexible, a similar vessel, Capt. John Cochrane Hoseason, on the East India station.