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CARNEGIE, M.P., K.S.F. (Captain, 1845. f-p., 13; h-p., 8.)

The Honourable Swynfen Thomas Carnegie, born 8 March, 1813, is youngest son (by Mary, only daughter of the late Wm. Henry Ricketts, Esq., of Longwood, co. Hants, and niece of the first Earl St. Vincent) of William, seventh Earl of Northesk, Admiral of the Red, G.C.B., who had the honour of being third in command at the battle of Trafalgar, was afterwards Commander-in-Chief at Plymouth, and died Rear-Admiral of Great Britain, 28 May, 1831, in his 74th year. He is brother (with the present Earl of Northesk) of George, Lord Rosehill, who was lost, in his 16th year, on board the Blenheim 74, bearing the flag of Sir Thos. Troubridge, in 1807; and nephew of Capt. Wm. Henry Jervis, R.N., who was drowned by the upsetting of his barge while in command of the Magnificent, of 74 guns, 26 Jan. 1805. His grandfather, George, sixth Earl of Northesk, died Admiral of the White in 1792.

This officer entered the Navy 3 Aug. 1826; and, after serving, as Midshipman, on board the Undaunted 46, Capt. Aug. Wm. Jas. Clifford, St. Vincent 120, flag-ship of Hon. Sir Henry Hotham, and Raleigh 18, Capt. Abraham Mills Hawkins, obtained a commission 21 April, 1832. From 9 Nov. following until promoted to the rank of Commander, 28 June, 1838, he was further employed under Commodore Lord John Hay, latterly as Senior-Lieutenant, in the Castor 36, and North Star 28. For his exertions during that period, as connected with the operations of the civil war in Spain, Mr. Carnegie was rewarded with the order of San Fernando. We subsequently find him in command, from 10 Aug. 1842 until Feb. 1844, of the Orestes 18, and Devastation steam-sloop, on the North American, West India, and Mediterranean stations. Since the date of his last promotion, 10 June, 1845, he has been on half-pay.

Capt. Carnegie, who has been in Parliament since 1841 as member for the borough of Stafford, was for some months in 1846 a Lord of the Treasury.