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CROWDY. (Captain, 1834. f-p., 19; h-p., 29.)

Charles Crowdy, born in March, 1786, at Highworth, co. Wilts, is son of a gentleman who for many years practised as a solicitor at that place.

This officer entered the Navy, 7 Sept. 1799, as Ordinary, on board La Décade frigate, Capt. Jas. Wallace, fitting for the West Indies, whence he came home with the same Captain, in Sept. 1800, as Midshipman of the Brunswick 74. On next joining the Ganges 74, Capt. Thos. Fras. Fremantle, he officiated as Aide-de-Camp to that officer at the battle of Copenhagen 2 April, 1801; after which he became attached, in 1805-6, to the Urania 38, Capt. Hon. Chas. Herbert, with whom he visited Quebec, and to the Hibernia 110, flag-ship in the Channel of Earl St. Vincent. On 17 March, 1806, we find him promoted to a Lieutenancy in the Hazard 18, Capt. Chas. Dilkes, stationed off the coast of France, where he took part in several cutting-out affairs, and on the last of those occasions received a gun-shot wound through the arm, which procured him a gratuity of 50l. from the Patriotic Fund. Between Dec. 1807, and July, 1814, Mr. Crowdy further served, on the Mediterranean, East India, and Home stations, on board the Pilot 18, Capt. Hon. Wm. Walpole, Bittern 18, Capt. Thos. Ussher, Cornelia 32, Capt. Henry Folkes Edgell, Diomede 50, Capt. Hugh Cook, Stirling Castle and Bellerophon 74’s, both commanded by Capt. Augustus Brine, and Rippon 74, Capt. Sir Christ. Cole. In the latter ship he witnessed the capture, 21 Oct. 1813, of the French 40-gun frigate Le Weser, and, in Feb. following, of a Spanish treasure-ship. Until advanced to the rank of Commander, 25 March, 1824, his next appointments were – 20 March, 1822, to the Bulwark 76, flag-ship at the Nore of Sir Benj. Hallowell – and, 12 Dec. 1823, to the Maidstone 42, Capt. Chas. Bullen, on the African station. He afterwards commanded, from 29 Dec. 1825, until 1829, the Badger sloop, in the North Sea. Since his attainment of Post-rank, 13 Jan. 1834, he has not been afloat.

Capt. Crowdy is Senior of 1834. He married, in 1816, the only daughter of the late John C. Lewis, Esq., of Westbury, near Bristol, and niece of Chas. Lewis, Esq., of St. Pierre Park, near Chepstow, by whom he has issue. Agents – Hallett and Robinson.