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FANSHAWE. (Capt., 1845. f-p., 14; h-p., 5.)

Edward Gennys Fanshawe is nephew, we believe, of Capt. Arthur Fanshawe, R.N., C.B. This officer entered the Navy 18 Dec. 1828; passed his examination in 1833; and obtained his first commission 15 Aug. 1835. His ensuing appointments were – 10 Nov. 1835, and 1 March, 1836, to the Hastings 74, and Magicienne 24, commanded off Lisbon by Capts. Henry Shiffner and Geo. Wm. St. John Mildmay – 15 Dec. 1837, to the Victory 104, as Acting Flag-Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Hon. Duncombe Pleydell Bouverie, Admiral-Superintendent at Portsmouth – and, 15 Nov. 1833, to the Daphne 18, Capt. John Windham Dalling, whom he ultimately accompanied to the Mediterranean. He attained the rank of Commander 28 Aug. 1841; and on next joining, 7 Sept. 1844, the Cruizer 16, sailed for the East Indies, where his conduct in command of the gun and other boats of a squadron under Capt. Chas. Talbot at the destruction, on 19 Aug. 1845, of Malloodoo, the fiercely-defended stronghold of a Borneo chieftain named Scheriff Osman, procured him a Post-commission dated on 7 of the following Sept.[1] Capt. Fanshawe has since been on half-pay.

He is married and has issue.

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