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SMART, K.H. (Capt., 1837. f-p., 23; h-p., 14.)

Robert Smart was born in Sept. 1796.

This officer entered the Navy, in Oct, 1810, as Fst.-cl, Vol,, on board the Adamant 50, Capt, Matthew Buckle, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Wm. Albany Otway on the Leith station, where he was lent for eight months to the Plover 18, Capt. Colin Campbell, and for nine to the Rifleman 18, Capt. Joseph Pearce. From March, 1813, until Oct. 1816, he served on the West India, Brazilian, and Mediterranean stations, as Midshipman (a rating he had attained 9 May, 1811) and as Master’s Mate, in the Pique 36 and Glasgow 50, both commanded by Capt. Hon. Anthony Maitland, under whom he assisted, in the latter ship, at the bombardment of Algiers 27 Aug. 1816. He was then received for a few weeks on board the Queen Charlotte 100, Capt. Edm. Boger, lying at Portsmouth. In Sept. 1817, nine months after he had passed his examination, he again joined Capt. Maitland in the Glasgow, on the Mediterranean station, where he was nominated, 1 July, 1820, Acting-Lieutenant of the Scout 18, Capt. Wm. Bamsden. He was confirmed to that vessel 11 Sept. following, but left her in Oct. 1821, and was subsequently appointed, again in the Mediterranean – 26 June, 1823, to the Cambrian 48, Capt. Gawen Wm. Hamilton – 7 Dec. 1825, to the Revenge 76, flag-ship of Sir Harry Burrard Neale – 6 Aug. 1826, to the Ariadne 26, Capt. Adolphus FitzClarence – and, in Oct. 1827, a second time to the Cambrian, commanded, as before, by Capt. G. W. Hamilton, under whom he fought at the battle of Navarin, and was wrecked during an attack on a nest of pirates at Carabusa 31 Jan. 1828. He attained the rank of Commander 21 April, 1828; served in that capacity in the Satellite 18, in the North Sea and South America, from 16 Sept, 1832 until Oct. 1834, and from Feb. 1835 until paid off in Jan. 1836;[1] was advanced to his present rank 10 Jan. 1837; and was afterwards, from Aug. 1841 until June, 1843, employed in command of the Impregnable 104 and Howe 120, flag-ships of Sir Fras. Mason in the Mediterranean, and, from 13 Aug. 1844 until 1848, of the Collingwood 80, hearing the flag of Sir Geo. Fras. Seymour in the Pacific. In the Satellite he made prize, 15 Nov. 1833 and 15 June, 1834, of the Paquete da Sol and Duquesa da Braganza slavers – one of them laden with 577 negroes.

On 18 April, 1832, Capt. Smart was nominated a K.H., and in the course of the same year he was created by the King of Prussia a Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle, in consideration of his having been selected to accompany from the river Thames to Germany a miniature frigate presented to that monarch by King William IV. He married, 14 Sept. 1848, Elizabeth Isabella, daughter of the late B. Sharpe, Esq., of Fleet-street, London, Banker.

  1. From Oct. 1834 until Feb. 1835, he officiated as Second- Captain of the Blonde 46, Capt. Francis Mason.