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TINDAL. (Commander, 1841.)

Louis Symonds Tindal entered the Navy 3 Feb. 1825; passed his examination in 1831; and obtained his first commission 29 Dec. 1832. His succeeding appointments were – 17 Nov. 1834, to the Pique 36, Capt. Hon. Henry John Rous, which frigate, while he was in her, ran ashore on the coast of Labrador, was got off with great difficulty, and crossed the Atlantic without a rudder – 16 Jan. 1836, to the Vestal 26, Capt. Wm. Jones, on the North America and West India station – and 10 Nov. 1837, to the Calliope 26, Capt. Thos. Herbert. In the ship last mentioned he served for some time in South America, and then sailed for the coast of China, where, in the early part of 1841, we find him present in the attack upon Chuenpee, in the action with the Bogue forts, at the storming of the enemy’s works close to Whampoa Reach (in which were found 54 pieces of cannon), at the capture of the last fort protecting the approaches to Canton, and in the first and second series of hostilities against that city. As a reward for his conduct he was advanced to his present rank 8 June, 1841.[1] He was appointed, 16 Oct. following, to the Pylades 18, which vessel he brought home from the East Indies and paid off in Oct. 1843; and, since 16 July, 1846, he has been in command of the Grecian 12, on the S.E. coast of America. Agents – Messrs. Stilwell.

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