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VEITCH. (Lieutenant, 1844.)

Henry Gordon Veitch is son of Mr. Veitch, formerly Consul at Madeira.

This officer entered the Navy 11 Aug. 1828; passed his examination 22 Dec. 1834; and from 1842 until Jan. 1845, served among the Azores, as Mate and Lieutenant (commission dated 12 Feb. 1844) in the Styx steam-surveying vessel, Capt. Alex. Thos. Emeric Vidal. During the after-part of 1845 he was employed, still on surveying service, with his name on the books of the William and Mary yacht. Commodore Sir Fras. Augustus Collier, and Shearwater steamer, Capt. Chas. Gepp Robinson. He has been in charge, since 20 June, 1848, of a station in the Coast Guard.