A Night in a Moorish Harem/The French Lady's Story

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When I arrived at the age of sixteen I was still at a convent boarding school in Paris. Lisette, my roommate, was my most intimate friend. I confided to her all my secrets and supposed she did the same to me, especially what we could learn about marriage and sexual intercourse, a subject which had a strange fascination, even for a girl like myself who had never engaged in it, but who looked forward to an early marriage with eager satisfaction. One evening Lisette came into the room with a triumphant expression. She had something in a small box which she mysteriously produced. It was labelled: ‘One Superfine Dildo'. She locked the door and, opening the box, revealed an India-rubber article about the size of a man's shaft ready for action. She explained to me what it was and said she had got it from her milliner as a great favour and had paid her five hundred francs for it. She was all eagerness to try it. 'But, Lisette,’ said I, ‘if we do, and if we should ever get married, our husbands would know it.' 'Oh!’ she said, ‘we could easily fool them.' Having filled the dildo with warm water and fastened it upon my loins with the straps attached to it, she prevailed upon me to act the man's part. She pulled me into bed and seemed perfectly familiar with the proper manner for me to mount her. So far from being hurt by the thing, Lisette seemed to enjoy every movement of it, from the time I thrust it into her till she gave a dying sigh and subsided. After a while she was ready to perform the same office for me. When she had got it adjusted I felt the warm thing enter in a little way with a sensation not unpleasant. Then she gave a thrust with all her might which tore away my maidenhead. It pained me so cruelly, that I pushed her off me and burst into tears while the blood trickled from the wound and down my thighs. I was terribly enraged with Lisette but I finally forgave her when she told me that my brother had taken her maidenhead when she was on a visit to me. Both Lisette and myself were married soon after leaving school, she to a country gentleman and I to an officer. Lisette had not been long married when I had too good reason to suppose that she had kept up a liaison with my brother. I wrote to her hinting at my painful suspicion and begging her to make a visit that I might persuade her to break off a connection so dangerous to both herself and my brother. She replied saying that she could not visit me now, but she would be glad if I would receive a visit from her unmarried sister, adding that she was a shy, timid girl and that a visit to Paris would do her good. Her sister Amie accordingly came in due time and was cordially welcomed by me, though I had never seen her before. She was a handsome girl, but very masculine in appearance, although she appeared to be very modest. Her features were pleasing but rather large, and though she was broad-shouldered and tall, her bosoms seemed to be flat and her thighs small. She wore her hair very short, even for the clipped style then prevailing for young ladies. My husband was at this time off with his regiment, and I thought it would be kind to allow Amie to sleep with me. When we retired she seemed to be very awkward about retiring, but finally followed me to bed. I took her in my arms and kissed her affectionately. She returned the kisses and caresses with so much ardour that I wished Louis, my husband, was in her place. He had been absent long enough for my desires to become like tinder, ready to flame up at a spark. So we lay locked tightly in each other's embrace with our lips glued together. I felt something squeezed up against my thigh which could not be Amie's arm, for both of her arms were around me. I put my hand down and felt that it was a man's warm, throbbing shaft. I gave a scream and pushed my bedfellow violently from me. ‘You are not Lisette's sister!’ was my absurd exclamation. 'True, charming Renee, but I am her brother, and no one will ever know of this but her. Will you now allow Armand to have one sweet kiss like those you have just given to Amie?’ He drew me towards him as he spoke, with the fire of passion on his handsome face. I hesitated, but my sheath was still swelling with wanton emotion and I suffered him again unresisted to take me in his arms. This was not the moral lecture I had prepared for Lisette. Desire was coursing through all my veins; I returned Armand's kisses; I opened my thighs to facilitate the connection. The touch of his crest under the hair was like the first taste of some delicious fruit unexpectedly presented to the lips of a thirsty traveller. I took it in so greedily and swallowed it with a sensation so pleasurable that I was ashamed of myself. Armand would think he was not the first who had taken advantage of my husband's absence. But I could not help it; my person had been seduced before my consent had been won. It was too late now for virtue to erect a barrier. I was penetrated to the secret and sensitive depths where wantonness reigned supreme. The rapidity and strength of Armand's thrusts showed the vigour of seventeen. I was transported to the seventh heaven, carried by the amorous boy in his arms. When I finally returned to the consciousness of earthly things we lay so still that for a few moments there was not a motion in the bed, save that Armand's diminished shaft was slowly sinking from my sheath with the balmy flow that filled it. Armand's visit was prolonged to a week and no suspicion was excited on the part of my friends and servants, nor was the intrigue known in any quarter save by Lisette, who rallied me without mercy. It was a week of abandonment to unrestrained wantonness. I would sometimes ask Armand, when in the privacy of my room, to take his male attire from his trunk and put it on. He then seemed like a slender and effeminate youth, a mere fair-faced boy, entirely different from the Amazon he appeared in girl's clothes. But if I rallied him on his effeminacy, he would at once proceed to give most convincing proof of his virile power. No married embrace ever conferred such rapture. Fornication, that becomes so insipid when lawful, is so delicious when stolen. The lascivious nights were not enough; we retired every afternoon on the pretence of taking a nap. At every embrace his fresh enthusiasm bewitched me and I was melted by his fervent ardour. But dark and sunken circles came around Armand's eyes, his flesh fell rapidly away, and when at last he tore himself away from me to return home, a hectic fever was consuming him. As for me, I grew plump as he grew thin, and my cheeks bloomed with stolen pleasure. When my husband returned home on leave of absence, he had no occasion to reproach me for want of ardour. Life had, however, begun to be monotonous, when we received an invitation from Lisette, seconded by her husband, Adolphe, to visit their country seat, an invitation was accepted. We sat up late the first evening. There was much to converse about, and besides, the champagne flowed freely. I enjoyed conversing with so agreeable a man as Adolphe, especially as he was fat and jolly. The change was agreeable from being continually with my husband, who was thin and earnest. Lisette and I talked on after our husbands had retired. We finished another bottle of wine, which they had merely opened, and we grew very confidential. We concluded by undressing by the stove and carrying our clothes upstairs in our hands. Standing in our chemises we compared our forms: as of old, they were very similar. We pressed our bosoms together and we squeezed together the little mouths at our loins. 'Why do we stand here,’ I said, ‘when we can go to bed and get all we want?' 'Suppose,’ she said, ‘we should make a mistake going to our rooms and exchange husbands?' I looked at Lisette to see if she had divined my own adulterous thoughts and to see if she was really in earnest. She smiled and nodded; so did I. Wine and wantonness combined to put us up to that mad frolic. It was agreed she was to take my clothes along with her and that I should take hers with me, in case of the necessity of suddenly escaping to our own rooms. As she put her hand on the doorknob of my husband's room I felt a pang of jealousy, but I let that disappear and entered Adolphe's room. He was sleeping quietly. I laid Lisette's clothes on a chair and got into bed with him. I waited a few moments for the violent beating of my heart to still and then nestled close up and put my arms around him. I put aside his moustache and kissed him on the lips. Still he did not wake. Then I pulled up his shirt and felt his massive thighs and played with his genitals. They grew under my hand and he awoke and put his arms around me. I returned his kisses and caresses. 'Why, Lisette,’ he said, ‘how good you are tonight.’ I replied with kisses. Then he got upon me and I soon felt his shaft enter me. It was larger than I had been accustomed to, but very soft. It was a dainty morsel to the gluttonous lips through which it passed; they closed upon it with the keenest zest. Adolphe's ponderous loins settled down on mine till the hair between was matted into one mass and his shaft was caressed by every membrane in my sheath. Before he could give another thrust I was overtaken by the melting thrill. Adolphe had not yet reached his climax. He gave two or three more lazy thrusts while mine was subsiding. ‘I was dreaming of Renee,’ he said, ‘when I awoke.’ Exerting all my strength, I pushed him off me jealously as Lisette would have done if she had been in my place. Then I turned my back to him. He now realised what a foolish confession he had made. ‘Sweet Lisette,’ he said, ‘I don't care a straw for Renee; she is not half so pretty as you are.' I obdurately shrugged my shoulders. The Lisette I impersonated would not be pacified. He snuggled up to my back and held me struggling in his arms. I could feel his stiff shaft pressed against my buttocks. He squeezed my thighs and fondled my bosoms and kissed the back of my neck, but I would not turn over. He was so excited with desire from his half-finished embrace that at last he communicated his wantonness to me I was now ready for another onset, so I turned my head and kissed him. He quickly turned me on my back and mounted fiercely to the charge. Plunge after plunge in rapid succession again woke all the sensibilities of my sheath. My mouth was buried under his moustache and the kisses kept time to the rapid play. The glow of the friction became more and more intense, spreading from the place of contact in electric waves all over my frame, and the stolen and guilty pleasure culminated in another melting thrill. Adolphe was ravished at the same time and paid me a tribute as profuse as his excitement had been long. His ample person seemed to be dissolving in my loins. Then he sank down upon me, too weak, for some moments, to relieve me of his great weight. He soon fell sound asleep, his hand still grasping one of my bosoms and one of his heavy thighs on my own. Cautiously and by degrees I extricated myself and stole from the room, dripping at every step. Lisette was awaiting me with jealousy and impatience depicted on her countenance. ‘What have you been doing all this time?’ she demanded. 'The same as you have, I suppose,’ said I, laughing. 'I have been standing here this hour and a half,’ said she. ‘I was sobered up by the danger as soon as I got into Louis’ room, and I dared not get into bed with him.' We went to our chambers, Lisette almost crying and I almost bursting with laughter. During the rest of our visit, she watched me narrowly to see that I was not a moment alone with Adolphe. She need not have been so suspicious as he was perfectly unconscious and, as for me, the curiosity of wantonness was satisfied with regard to him. When we returned to Paris, Louis rejoined the army. I had now acquired such a taste for variety that I felt much pleased at the attentions of a young duke. He sought my company on every public occasion. At last he called at my house. He had sent me a magnificent diamond necklace the day before, and it was now necessary for me to return it if I was unwilling to pursue the intrigue. In expectation of the interview I dressed myself as attentively as possible. A dress of elegant pink silk cut low in the neck displayed my bosoms to advantage and I wore the diamond necklace. The duke saw it with a smile of pleasure the moment I entered the parlour. He came and knelt at my feet and kissed my hand, then he arose and our lips met. I consented to meet him later in the day, at a safe place of assignation, and if he had then taken his leave, all would have gone smoothly, but the duke kept kissing me and prolonged the interview. Though my husband was not expected for a day or two, still a servant was liable to enter the parlour. I rose to have him go, but he still kept his chair. With his arm around my waist, he drew me towards him and transferred his kisses from my neck to my bosoms. I bent down and kissed him on his white forehead. Desire was getting control over us both. The duke's hand stole under my skirts and explored all the mysteries they hid. Then he lifted one of my legs over his lap and I found myself sitting astride his thighs clasped in his embrace, our lips glued together. We were insane to risk ourselves there in that position when a few hours later we could safely revel in each other's embrace. The duke produced his stiff shaft and I felt it pleading for entrance between my thighs. I half rose to tear myself from his arms, but with such feeble purpose that he pulled me down again. I sat directly upon his crest and my weight forced its entry. It filled me with a sensation of such exquisite pleasure that I abandoned myself to my uncontrollable passions. He could not move freely, but my loins undulated to assist him, which made my ecstasy culminate. My crisis was prolonged and I had not finished melting when my husband opened the door and stood thunderstruck at the sight. I jumped backwards from the duke's arms and my skirts fell and covered my nakedness. But the duke was in the very act of spending. The sperm from his rampant crest splashed upon my dress and skirts. For a single moment I stood still and my brains whirled with incongruous thoughts, one of which was that my beautiful pink dress was spoiled by the splashes. Only a moment I stood, and then I darted from the room. I wrapped myself in a long cloak and hood as I fled through the lower hall and gained the front door. As I passed through it, I heard the trampling of feet and the crash of furniture in the parlour above. It must have been my husband and the duke engaged in a deadly struggle. What the issue of it was, I never knew. I reached the station just as a train was about to leave. I got in it and it took me to Marseilles. Even then I did not feel safe till I had put the Mediterranean between myself and France.