A Night in a Moorish Harem/The Persian Lady's Story

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My home, till two months ago, was on the banks of the Tigris. I was captured by Turks when on a journey to meet my affianced husband, whom I had never seen. Our party was on horseback proceeding along the bank of the river when the Turkish bandits pounced upon us. There was a flash of sabres and a volley of pistol shots which dispersed my friends, and my horse was seized by the bridle and hurried to the bank of the river. There was a boat in waiting which conveyed us over to the Turkish shore. I soon found myself an inmate of the harem of the fierce bandit who had captured me. There were four other women in the harem among whom I was allowed to rest and refresh myself with supper, though I could eat but little. The Turk then came into the apartment. He was a man of middle age on whose countenance was written the most brutal passions. I fairly loathed the sight of him and hoped I would soon be ransomed. He put his arm around me and attempted to kiss me, but I shrank from his embrace. 'She would prefer to have you undress her,’ he said to the women, who seemed to enjoy the spectacle of seeing me unwillingly exposed. They soon took everything off me but my chemise while the Turk himself stripped perfectly naked, and for the first time and under such uncongenial circumstances I saw the genitals of a man. They were excited by lust to a size which added to my plight. He again tried to take me in his arms, but I struggled so that my chemise was torn off and I cowered naked on the floor. He bid the women hold me. Each of my feet and each of my hands was seized by one of the four and I lay on my back with my arms and legs stretched apart panting from my struggles. He got upon me and entered me with one fierce and brutal thrust which tore away my maidenhead with a pang of excruciating agony. With a tremendous effort I got my hand loose from one of the women who held it and seized the Turk's dagger which lay near upon the pile of clothing he had taken off. The women all let go of me and the Turk jumped off before he had time to repeat his thrust. I sprang to the corner of the room in an agony of shame and rage, ready to kill the first who touched me. The Turk stood grasping his stiff shaft all stained with my blood; his baffled lust sought the first object on which to vent itself. 'Lie down, Achmet,’ he said, ‘I must have a tight place to finish what I have begun on that girl.' The person addressed lay belly downward and then the Turk turned up the female petticoats which had heretofore concealed the male sex of the wearer. It was indeed a boy, doubtless a eunuch whom the Turk kept to supplement the services of the three women of his harem. On the prostrate form of this boy the Turk mounted, and the grunts of satisfaction soon proclaimed that he had satisfied his brutal lust. I thanked heaven that I had not suffered him to gender with me. After awhile he arose and pulled down the petticoat over the boy's buttocks so that he again appeared in the semblance of a woman. 'Lock up that little tigercat in a room by herself,’ said the Turk, pointing to me. I was glad to be alone and went into the room indicated without any opposition. I looked around for something to put on. The only article I could see was a rich suit of boy's clothing which doubtless belonged to the one in the next room. I dressed myself in these, completing my disguise by concealing my hair under the boy's turban. Then I looked from the window to see what were the chances of escape. Though I was on the second storey, it was not very high from the ground. I leapt. Then I made my way to the river and jumped into a boat that was moored at the bank. Casting it loose I floated down the stream. The night was very dark and my boat was nearly run down by a passing vessel, but I called loudly for aid and was taken on board. Then I breathed free. The vessel sailed down the Persian Gulf, and, crossing over to the Red Sea, proceeded to Egypt. I found my way to Alexandria in company with some merchants, one of whom took a fancy to me and engaged me as an attendant. He was trading between Alexandria and Morocco and owned the ship on which we sailed from the former port. We were the only occupants of the cabin. He was a handsome young man and he won my heart by his uniform kindness, but I did not reveal the secret of my sex. The day before we reached Morocco, he called me into his cabin to assist him in a bath. He stripped unconcernedly before me; his form was manly and graceful but I was fascinated with the organs peculiar to his sex. They hung drooping at his loins, unconscious that a woman was looking at them—nay, touching them, for I contrived to touch them as often as I could while I bathed him. When I had finished sponging him he lay extended on the sofa for me to rub him dry. My hands explored all parts of his person, but lingered longest at his thighs—so much so that his shaft began to rise at the friction. 'Take care, little fellow,’ said he, ‘you will arouse a passion which you cannot gratify.' I felt my cheeks burning, a soft desire came through my veins and I was about to open my bosom and reveal my sex—but the thought of the terrible pang in the Turkish harem restrained me. I stooped and kissed his thighs; my cheeks brushed his genitals. Then I sat down and watched him while he dressed until the object which had so attracted me was concealed by his clothes. The next day we were in port and a dour Pasha Abdallah came on board. When his business was finished, conversation turned on me. ‘I will make you a present of him,’ said the young merchant. ‘Poor little fellow! It is too bad to keep him at sea.’ He did not know how dejected I looked at this change of masters, but it was no time for explanations. Abdallah took me with him and entrusted me to his chief eunuch to whom I sought the first opportunity of confiding my sex and misfortune. I have now been with these amiable people a week, but the Pasha has not touched me yet. I suppose I owe my exemption to the fact I am not a virgin.

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'But you are to all intents and purposes a virgin, my charming Myrzella,’ said I, tightening my arm around her waist and kissing her as she finished speaking. She eluded my grasp and seized Virginia by the hands. ‘Come,’ she said, ‘let's have a waltz.' The two pretty little creatures floated round and round the room in each other's arms, while Inez took up a lute and played a suitable accompaniment. Virginia, at every complete turn of the dance, held Myrzella in a close grasp, and their loins were pressed together. This wanton motion was kept up till their already excited passions were completely aroused. They suddenly finished the dance and lay on the cushions in each other's embrace with their thighs locked so that the lips between them were pressed together. Not only were the lips at their loins kissing, but their mouths were also glued together in this barren embrace. I was on top of them both in a twinkling, and guided my stiff shaft between them. My nap after Anna's exhaustive embrace had restored my vigour. The stories of the young girls had aroused my passions. The thought of conferring on Myrzella her first rapture made me feel like a war horse going to battle. My shaft glided between them entering neither, but it was deliciously moistened with the dewy lips at the loins of both. As I gave another thrust Virginia slyly put her hand behind her and guided it into her own sheath. She was on top of Myrzella, between whom and myself she was pinioned. My loins were no sooner crushed against her little buttocks than I felt my crest bathed in her melting shower. To me the sensation was exquisite; to her it was final. She sank with a long-drawn sigh, perfectly limp on top of Myrzella. I drew out my shaft and plunged it all dripping with Virginia's moisture into the pretty Persian girl. Moist as it was, it entered with difficulty the orifice which was so tight, but it entered to the hilt. Virginia's thin buttocks were but little in the way. My hand could fondle with both their bosoms at once. My crest, vivified with the moisture of them both, was battering at Myrzella's womb; my kisses were showered on the neck of one and then the other. I was transported with a double rapture which my overwrought nerves could endure no longer, and the gushing sperm came blissfully to a termination. While it was gushing the pretty Persian melted with a thrill at her first rapture. Her screams of delight were so loud and prolonged that the ladies had to hush her for fear it would alarm the guards at the gates. I had just strength to turn Virginia over on her back close beside Myrzella. Then clasping them both in my arms, I stretched a leg between the thighs of each and we lay in a voluptuous repose, my forehead resting on the cushion and each appropriating one of my cheeks for kisses. 'Do tell us how your maidenhead was taken, Captain,’ said one of the ladies after I had recovered from the exhaustion of my double embrace. 'Sure enough, why not?’ they cried in chorus. So, settling myself into a luxurious position more convenient for storytelling and still clasped in the arms of Virginia and Myrzella, I began.