A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/hieh

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— hîeh —

hîeh1941810 The leaves of a book.
cêk hîeh cṳ; one leaf of a book. thâu hîeh; the first leaf. búe hîeh; the last leaf. hien kùe hîeh; ĭoⁿ kùe hîeh; turn over a leaf. ĭoⁿ ke nŏ̤ hîeh; turn over two more leaves. cí pńg cheh jîeh cōi hĭeh? How many leaves in this book? cheh hîeh; the printed page. cí pńg cheh ŭ jîeh cōi hîeh sìo? What is the number of pages marked in this volume? kap tāⁿ hîeh; mispaged in binding. kim hîeh; gold-leaf. cheh hîeh màiⁿ kàuh; do not double down the corner of the leaves. hîeh màiⁿ chîp-jîo; do not rumple the leaves. cêk hîeh cêk hiêh àiⁿ khieh bâk; double each sheet exactly in the middle to form the edge of the leaf. sía kúi hîeh jī; wrote several pages. hîeh cìeⁿ pôiⁿ; the first page on a leaf. hîeh hìeⁿ pôiⁿ; the last page on a leaf. cìeⁿ pôiⁿ hîeh; this side the leaf. hìeⁿ póiⁿ hîeh; the other side the leaf. cīeⁿ hîeh; the previous leaf. ĕ hîeh; the next leaf.

hîeh10811409 The leaves of plants.
chīu hîeh; leaves of a tree. tek hîeh; bamboo leaves. ki hîeh; branches and leaves. nôiⁿ hîeh; lotus leaves. cíⁿ hîeh; fresh new leaves. sek hîeh; full grown leaves. ō hîeh khâng cúi cu; the taro leaves hold watery pearls. lô̤h hîeh; falling leaves. hwt hîeh; to put forth leaves. lut hîeh; to shed leaves. n̂g hîeh; dry leaves. khau chīu hîeh; rake up the leaves. kim ki gêk hîeh; branches of gold and leaves of jade. ngô̤-thong hîeh lô̤h thiⁿ-ĕ cai chiu; when the catalpa leaves fall, it is autumn throughout the world.