A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/thien

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— thien —

thien898371 The highest of things, heaven both physically and divinely; the ether, the sky, the firmament; Nature; Providence; celestial.
thien-cheⁿ; a dark glossy gray, or purple. thien-cṳ́; the emprror. thien kang; the cycle of ten. thien hūn; natural endowments; native ability. thien-seⁿ cṳ̆-jîen kâi; what is natural. i kâi thien-cṳ cū sĭ sĭang hó̤ kâi; his natural gifts are of the highest order. nâng tàⁿ i sĭ tit tîeh thien-cṳ cìaⁿ ŏi; people say that he has received books from celestial regions and is therefore thus gifted. mīn côiⁿ ŭ kâi thien-bé-ùaⁿ; in front there is natural mound, shaped like a saddle laid on its side.

thîen8983210 To supply a deficiency.
thîen mîaⁿ; to add the name to something in which it is lacking. thîen cheh; to supply something in a book. thîen pó; to supply enough. thîen hâiⁿ; to pay the remainder of a debt. thîen kàu lío; supplied the full amount. thîen lí-lêh; fill in the details of age parentage and residence. thîen jît-cí; write in the date. tò̤ thîen nî-gûeh; to antedate. thîen kàu múaⁿ-múaⁿ; fully supply the deficiency. thîen chut jîeh cōi ngṳ̂n? How much did he pay to make up the amount?

thîen86514911 To make a clean copy; to transcribe.
thîen-lôk-seng; a copyist. íⁿ-keng thien sía cheng-chó̤ lío; is already copied out fairly.