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950. A cast of the head of the above individual. Soon after Dr. H. published the case, Dr. Bigelow wrote to him, and made arrangements, at a very considerable expense to himself, to have the man sent down to this city, and kept here for a full examination. After he had satisfied himself that the bar had actually passed through the man's head, and that he had essentially recovered from the accident, he was exhibited to the profession, the cast was taken, and a full account of the case, with illustrations, was published by Dr. B., in the American Jour. of Med. Sciences, July, 1850. 1856.

Dr. H. J. Bigelow.

The very small amount of attention that has been given to the above wonderful case, by the profession in this country, as well as in Europe, can only be explained by the fact that it far transcends any case of recovery from injury of the head that can be found in the records of surgery. It was too monstrous for belief, and yet Dr. Harlow has at last furnished evidence that leaves no question in regard to it.