A glossary of words used in the neighbourhood of Sheffield/Books cited

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Other works are cited by their titles and dates in the glossary.

ADDY, S. O. Historical Memorials of Beauchief Abbey, 1878.

BANKS, W. S. A List of Provincial Words in use at Wakefield. London, 1865.

BARET, JOHN. An Alvearie, or Quadruple Dictionary, &c. 1580.

BATEMAN, THOMAS. Ten Years' Diggings in Celtic and Saxon Grave Hills in the counties of Derby, Stafford, and York, from 1848 to 1858. London, 1861. (The work contains many curious names of barrows.)

BLACKIE, C. A Dictionary of Place-Names, giving their derivations. 3rd ed., 1887.

BOSWORTH, JOSEPH. A Compendious Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary. (Russell Smith, 1881.) See TOLLER, below.

BYWATER, ABEL. The Sheffield Dialect. Third Edition, 1877. First printed in 1839.

CATHOLICON ANGLICUM. An English-Latin Word-Book, dated 1483, edited by Sidney J. H. Herrtage. (Early English Text Society, 1881.)

CLEASBY AND VIGFUSSON. Icelandic Dictionary, 1874.

COOPER, THOMAS. Thesaurus Linguae Romanse et Britannicae, 1573.

COTGRAVE, RANDLE. A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues. Whereunto is annexed a most copious Dictionarie of the English set before the French by R. S. L. London, 1632. Cotgrave's work was first published in 1611.

DE LA PRYME, ABRAHAM, Diary of. Edited by Charles Jackson for the Surtees Society, 1870. De la Pryme was born in 1671 at Hatfield, near Doncaster. He spent most of his life at Hatfield. He was of St. John's Coll., Camb., and a Fellow of the Royal Society. He died in 1704.

EASTWOOD, J. History of the Parish of Ecclesfield. London, 1862.

GRIMM, JACOB. Teutonic Mythology, translated from the 4th ed. by James Steven Stallybrass. London, 1883. 3 vols. Vol. 4 not yet printed.

HALLIWELL, J. O. A Diet, of Archaic and Provincial Words. 10th edit. 1881.

HAMPSON, R. T. Medii ^Evi Kalendarium, or Dates, Charters, and Customs of the Middle Ages. 2 vols. London, 1841.

HULOET, RICHARD. Abcedarium Anglico-Latinum pro tyrunculis exscriptum. Londini, ex officina Gulielmi Riddel, 1552.

HUNTER, JOSEPH. The History and Topography of Sheffield, 1819. Cited as Hallamshire.

HUNTER, JOSEPH. The Hallamshire Glossary, 1829.

LEADER, J. D. Extracts from the Earliest Book of Accounts relating to the Town Trustees of Sheffield, dating from 1566 to 1707. Sheffield, 1878. Cited in the glossary as T. T. A. (Town Trustees' Accounts).

MAIGNE D'ARNIS, W. H. Lexicon Manuale ad Scriptores mediae et infimas Latinitatis; ou Recueil de Mots de la basse Latinite. Paris, 1866.

MATHER, JOSEPH (1737-1804). The Songs of Joseph Mather: to which are added a Memoir of Mather and Miscellaneous Songs relating to Sheffield, with Introduction and Notes by John Wilson. Sheffield, 1862.

MATZNER, EDUARD. Altenglische Sprachproben nebst einem Worterbuche. Zweiter Band: Worterbuch. Berlin, 1878-1888. This splendid dictionary of old English is still in progress. It is printed to the wordjoinen. I did not obtain a copy of it until the glossary was all printed. It has been used for the Addenda and Errata.

PALSGRAVE, JOHN. Lesclarcissement de la Langue Francoyse, 1530. Reprint, Paris, 1852.

POLL TAX RETURNS. The Returns for the West Riding of the County of York of the Poll Tax laid in the second year of King Richard the Second, (A.D. 1379). Published under the direction of the Council of the York Arch, and Topog. Association, 1882.

PROMPTORIUM PARVULORUM sive Clericorum, Dictionarius Anglo-Latinus Princeps Auctore Fratre Galfrido Grammatico dicto circa A.D. mccccxl. ad fidem Codicum recensuit Albertus Way, A.M. (Camden Society, 1865.)

SEEEOHM, FREDERIC. The English Village Community. London, 1883.

SEWEL, JOHN. A Large Dict, of English and Dutch. Amsterdam, 1708.

SKEAT, PROF. W. W. An Etymological Diet, of the English Language. 2nd edit. 1884. With Errata and Addenda.

SLEIGH, JOHN. An Attempt at a Derbyshire Glossary. Published in the Reliquary, vol. v. , 1864-5.

STRATMANN, FRANCIS HENRY. A Diet, of the Old English Language compiled from Writings of the XII., XIII., XIV., and XV. Centuries. Third edition. Krefeld, 1878. With Supplement, 1881.

SWEET, HENRY. The Oldest English Texts, 1885. (Early English Society.)

TOLLER, T. N. An Anglo-Saxon Diet, based on the manuscript collections of the late Joseph Bosworth, D.D., F.R.S. In progress. Printed to Sar.

TOWNELEY MYSTERIES, being Miracle Plays acted or written in the neighbourhood of Wakefield, about 1440. (Surtees Society, 1836.)

WEDMORE CHRONICLE. By the Hon. and Rev. S. H. A. Hervey. Vol. i. Wells, 1887.

WEST, WILLIAM (of Rotherham). Symboleographie, 1647. First published in 1594.

WITHALS, JOHN. A Dictionarie in English and Latine deuised for the capacity of Children and young Beginners at first set foorth by M. Withals. London, 1616. A very interesting and valuable little book. It was ' first imprinted in the late house of William Caxton (by W. de Worde).' Lowndes.

WRIGHT, THOMAS. Anglo-Saxon and Old English Vocabularies. Second edition, edited and collated by Richard Paul Wülcker, 1884. Cited as Wright-Wülcker.