Act Establishing Changwat Kalasin, BE 2490 (1947)

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Act Establishing Changwat Kalasin, BE 2490 (1947)
by the Government of Thailand, translated by Wikisource

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Establishing Changwat Kalasin,

BE 2490 (1947)[1]

In the Name of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej,

The Council of Regency:

Rangsit Kromma Khun Chainat Narenthon.

Phraya Manawaratchasewi.

Given under our Hands this 7th Day of August, BE 2490 (1947);

Being the 2nd Year of the present Reign.

Whereas it is desirable to improve the territory of Changwat Mahasarakham by establishing Changwat Kalasin[2];

Be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the National Assembly, as follows:

§ 1

This Act shall be cited as the "Act Establishing Changwat Kalasin, BE 2490 (1947)".

§ 2

This Act shall come into force as from October 1, BE 2490 (1947).

§ 3

Amphoe Kalasin, Amphoe Kamalasai, Amphoe Yang Talat, Amphoe Sahatsakhan and Amphoe Kuchinarai shall be separated from the administration of Changwat Mahasarakham to constitute a Changwat called Changwat Kalasin.

§ 4

The Minister of Interior shall be in charge of this Act.

Countersigned by:
Rear Admiral T. Thamrongnawasawat,
Prime Minister.


  1. Published in the Government Gazette: volume 64/part 36/page 516/12 August 1947.
  2. It was initially spelled "กาฬนสินธุ์" ("Kannasin" or "Kalanasin"), but later corrected as "กาฬสินธุ์" ("Kalasin"). The correction was published in the Government Gazette: volume 64/part 37/page 2169/19 August 1947.

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