All Quiet along the Potomac and other poems/Worldly Wisdom

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"OH, ma, it is dreadful!
I've quarrelled with John,
And left him for ever,
 To live all alone.

" He will not go with me
 To party or ball;
At home in the evening,
 He won't talk at all.

"He is perfectly horrid,
 And stingy, and queer!
I don't want to see him,
 Or know he is near."

"Well, Tillie, I told you
 The same long ago,
When John was beginning
 To act like a beau;

"And you might have married
 Old Gunnybag's heir.
'Tis very provoking
 For me, I declare!

"And John is a fogy,
 And acts like a brute,
To deny you a party
 Or opera suit.

"A mean ugly fellow—"
 "Why, ma, I am sure
John never was stingy,
 Although he was poor.

"He is always respectful
 And clever to you—
So tender and patient
 Whatever I do!

"And now, I remember,
 He said he would go
To the Madisons' party:
 How can you talk so ?

"Poor patient old fellow!
 I'm going right back;
I'll tell him I'm sorry,
 And then—I'll unpack!"

The worldly-wise mother
 Looked over at me:
"I know how to manage
 Matilda, you see!"