Allegations against the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, from Nag Mohammed, captive 102's Tribunal

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The ETIM is sometimes referred to as the Sharq (East) Turkistan Islamic Partiyisa (STIP). STIP (ETIM) is an Islamic based terrorist group that has allegedly been responsible for over 200 terrorist incidents over the last dozen years or so in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. It is based in Xinjiang, DP's home region. The East Turkistan terrorists, interested in creating an Islamic state, openly declare that they will create a terrorist atmosphere at kindergartens, hospitals and schools at any cost and are keen at directing explosions at innocent people in order to further that aim. STIP has established at least a dozen secret training bases in the Xinjiang region. Moreover, STIP is closely connected to international terrorist forces, including al Qaeda and the Taliban. The STIP is recognized as an important part of UBL's South Asia terrorist forces. In fact, the STIP, which is headed by  , is supported and directed by UBL. It has been reported that in early 1999, UBL met with   to coordinate movements with the Uzbekistan Islamic Liberation Movement and the Taliban promised financial aid to the group. In February 2001, UBL and Taliban leaders reportedly met in Kandahar to discuss the training of East Turkistan terrorists and decided to allocate a large sum of money for training and the funding of terrorist operations. Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Uzbekistan Islamic Liberation Movement have reportedly offered a great deal of arms, ammunition, means of transportation and telecommunications equipment to STIP in furtherance of their operations. Finally, al Qaeda has directly trained STIP forces in its training camps in Afghanistan, specifically in Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, and other places. "East Turkistan Forces Cannot Get Away with Impunity," Information Office at the State Council, 21 January 2002, at 1-10, or see the same at ",html."