An Ainu–English–Japanese Dictionary/Chapter IV

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There is no article, properly so called, in the Ainu language; but the numeral adjective shine, “one,” is often used as the indefinite article a or an, as:—

Shine Ainu, “a man.”
Shine chisei, “a house.”
Shine chikoikip, “an animal.”

But care must be exercised in using the word shine as an article, for when it is essential to draw attention to the fact that there is but one of a thing this numeral is used; e.g.

Shine Ainu, “one man.”
Shine shiwentep, “one woman.”

For the definite article the demonstrative adjectives are sometimes used; e.g.

Nei guru ye, “that (the) person said.”
Nei chep pirika ruwe ne, “that (the) fish is good.”
Toan kambi koro wa ek, “bring that (the) letter.”