Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Parker, Quanah

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PARKER, Quanah, Comanche chief, b. in western Texas about 1840. His mother, a white woman, was captured by the Comanches from her people while but a child. She grew up in the tribe and married a Comanche warrior, but not long after the birth of Quanah she was found by her friends and taken back to civilization, where she died of a broken heart because she was not allowed to rejoin her husband and her son. The boy became chief of the tribe, which he ruled with wisdom and foresight, growing rich himself and bringing peace and prosperity to the tribe. Parker occupies a fine residence on a ranch, over which range many thousands of fine cattle and hundreds of well-bred horses. Four of the Comanche chief's children are students at the Carlisle (Pa.) Indian school.