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EMERTON, James Heney, b. in Salem, Mass., in 1847. At the age of fifteen he began the study of natural history in the museum of the Essex institute in Salem, became assistant at the museum of the Boston society of natural history in 1873-'4, took charge of the Salem museum in 1879, and in 1880 became an assistant at the Yale college museum, and also an assistant on the U. S. fish commission. He stands at the head of natural history artists in the United States, and has drawn the illustrations for many scientific works, including Packard's “Guide to the Study of Insects” and most of Prof. Verrill's later publications. Mr. Emerton is the author of “Notes and Additions to a Second Edition of Hentz's Spiders of the United States” (1875); “Structures and Habits of Spiders” (1877); and “Life on the Seashore” (1880).