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KNAPP, Jacob Hermann, b. in Dauborn, Prussia, 17 March, 1832. His father, John, was a member of the Prussian house of representatives and the German reichstag. The son was educated in Germany, France, and England, was graduated in medicine at Giessen, Germany, in 1854, and in 1860-'8 was professor and lecturer on ophthalmology in the University of Heidelberg. At the latter date he resigned, and, removing to the United States, settled in New York city. He founded the New York ophthalmic and aural institute in 1869, and since that date has been its surgeon. He was also surgeon to the New York charity hospital in 1872, the same year was consulting oculist to the department of public charities, and in 1876 became lecturer on eye and ear diseases in the New York college of physicians and surgeons. He founded in 1869, with Prof. Moos, of Heidelberg, “The Archives of Ophthalmology and Otology,” an international scientific monthly (Wiesbaden and New York). In 1874 he was president of the New York pathological society. His publications include “Curvature of the Cornea of the Human Eye” (Heidelberg, 1859): “Intraocular Tumors” (Carlsruhe, 1868; New York, 1869); “Cocaine and its Use in Ophthalmic and General Surgery” (New York, 1885); “Investigations on Fermentation, Putrefaction, and Suppuration” (1886); “Cataract Extraction without Iridectomy” (1887); and reports on “A Series of One Thousand Successive Cases of Cataract Extraction without Iridectomy” (1887).