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LINCOYAN (lin-co-yang'), Araucanian toqui, b. in Arauco, South America, about 1519; d. in Cañete in 1560. After the death of the first Araucanian toqui, Caillavilu, who fought against the Spaniards, Lincoyan took the command of the army in 1550. He was of gigantic stature, and his people said that he possessed great courage. In 1551 he attacked Gen. Valdivia on the banks of the Andalien, but the neighboring fort resisted his assaults. During part of that year and in 1552 he continued fighting against Valdivia along Cauten river. In 1553 Caupolican was made commander-in-chief in his stead, but he was given the command of a division. In this year he took part in the capture of the fortresses of Arauco and Tucapel. Soon after this battle he defeated a strong Spanish force that came to protect Imperial. He followed Caupolican in all his victories and in all his battles till the death of that chief in 1558. Afterward he continued the war against the Spaniards till he was killed in the battle of Cañete.