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LOTHROP, Harriett Mulford, author, b. in New Haven, Conn., 22 June, 1844. Her maiden name was Stone. She was educated at seminaries near her home, travelled extensively in the United States, and early began to practise literary composition, but published nothing before about 1877, when she began to contribute stories and sketches to the magazines. Before her third work was issued in book-form she married Daniel Lothrop, a publisher of Boston. All her writings have appeared under the pen-name of “Margaret Sidney.” Mrs. Lothrop's summer residence is at Concord, Mass., in Nathaniel Hawthorne's old home, which he called “The Wayside.” Her published works are “So as by Fire” (Boston, 1881); “Five Little Peppers, and How they Grew” (1882), a juvenile story, which first appeared in the “Wide Awake” magazine; “Half Year at Bronckton” (1882); “The Pettibone Name,” a novel of New England life (1883); “What the Seven Did” (1883); “Who told it to Me” (1884); “Ballad of the Lost Hare” (1884); “The Golden West” (1885); “How they Went to Europe” (1885); “Hester, and other New England Stories” (1886); “The Minute-Man” (1886); “Two Modern Little Princes,” (1887); and “Dilly and the Captain” (1887).