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SWATANE, or SHIKELLIMY, Oneida chief, d. in Shamokin, Pa., 17 Dec., 1748. In 1728 he was acting representative of the Five Nations in business affairs with the proprietary government of Pennsylvania. He was appointed its viceroy, and in this capacity administered its tributaries within the province, with Shamokin as his seat. Scarcely a treaty was made between 1728 and 1748 respecting the purchases of land but Shikellimy was present. At his solicitation the Moravians in 1747 began a mission, and erected a smithy in the town. He died a few days after his baptism by the missionaries. — His eldest son, Tachnachdoarus (spreading oak), or John Shikellimy, succeeded him as viceroy. His second son, James Logan, was named for Sec. James Logan, and his third son, John Petty, for a trader. Two sons were killed in battle.