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VARONA, Enrique José (vah-ro'-nah), Cuban author, b. in Puerto Principe, Cuba, in 1849. He received his education in his native city and began his literary career in 1864 as a contributor to reviews. In 1874 he fixed his residence in Havana, dividing his time between teaching and journalism. In 1885 he was elected representative for Puerto Principe in the Spanish cortes. In 1885 he founded the “Revista Cubana,” a literary, scientific, and philosophical review, which is considered one of the best in the Spanish language. His works include “Odas Anacreónticas” (Puerto Principe, 1868); “Poesías” (Havana, 1878); “Paisajes Cubanos” (1819); “Conferencias filosóficas; Lógica” (1880); “Conferencias filosóficas; Psicologia” (1881); “Estudios Literarios y filosóficos” (1883); and “Seis Conferencias” (Barcelona, 1887). His “Lógica” has been translated into French.