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WINSOR, Justin, librarian, b. in Boston, Mass., 2 Jan., 1831. He studied at Harvard during 1853, and then at Heidelberg, Germany. In 1868 he became superintendent of the Boston public library, where he remained until 1877. He then became librarian of Harvard, which post he still holds. He was the first president, in 1876-'86, of the American library association, and has also held the office of president in the American historical association, and that of secretary in the Massachusetts historical society. The University of Michigan gave him the degree of LL. D. in 1886. Besides numerous magazine articles and addresses, mostly on subjects connected with American history, he has written “History of Duxbury, Massachusetts” (Boston, 1849); “Songs of Unity,” compiled with Rev. George H. Hepworth (1859); “Bibliography of the Original Quartos and Folios of Shakespeare, with Particular Reference to Copies in America” (1876); “Reader's Hand-Book of the American Revolution, 1761-'83” (1880); “Was Shakespeare Shapleigh? A Correspondence in Two Entanglements” (1887); and several pamphlets, including “Gov. Bradford's Manuscript History of Plymouth Plantation” (Cambridge, 1881); “Arnold's Expedition against Quebec, 1775-1776 . . .” (1886); “The Manuscript Sources of American History” (New York, 1887); and “Notes on the Spurious Letters of Montcalm” (Cambridge, 1887). He edited the “Memorial History of Boston” (4 vols., Boston, 1880-'1); “Narrative and Critical History of America,” of which vols. ii. to vii. have been issued (1884-'8); “Harvard University Bulletin” (since 1877); and “Library of Harvard University: Bibliographical Contributions” (begun in 1887). To the last he has contributed “Shakespeare's Poems: Bibliography of the Earlier Editions” (1878-'9); “Pietas et Gratulatio: Inquiry into the Authorship of the Several Pieces” (1879); “Halliwelliana: a Bibliography of the Publications of J. O. Halliwell-Phillips” (1881); “Bibliography of Ptolemy's Geography” (1884); “The Kohl Collection of Early Maps” (1886); and a “Calendar of the Sparks Manuscripts in Harvard College Library” (1888). He also edited the “Record of the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of Harvard College” (1887).