Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Pies and Desserts/U. D. C. Pudding

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One cup of finely chopped crystallized pineapple,
One cup of finely chopped crystallized cherries,
One cup of finely chopped nuts,
Six eggs.

Add a tablespoonful of sugar to each egg, beat well, leaving out the whites. To the yolks and sugar add one cup of sherry wine and cook to a thick custard in double boiler. To the custard while hot add one talbespoonful of gelatine dissolved in one-half cup of water, then whip in lightly the beaten whites. Roll out macaroons or Social Teas into dust. Into a bowl begin to lay cracker dust, pineapple, nuts and cherries. When you have used half the ingredients, pour over it the other half of the fruits and custard, sprinkling the top with cracker dust. Put into refrigerator to congeal. Serve with whipped cream (no sugar or flavoring in cream).