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Carson Cistulli
Carson Cistulli is a 21st century American Poet and Journalist
Carson Cistulli

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Englished by Diverse Hands 2003

Free Radicals: American Poets Before Their First Books 2004

• Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated 2006

Assorted Fictions 2006

Origin, sixth series, Spring 2006

A Century of Enthusiasm 2007

The Prostituesdays Anthology (editor) 2008

Selected Journalism[edit]

Game Preview: In Which the Authors Predict a Miracle (The New Enthusiast, Issue 4. December 20, 2007)

This is Just to Say: In Which the Author Eats Plums Both Juicy and Cold (The New Enthusiast, Issue 8. January 31, 2008)

The Neutral Supporter: In Which the Author Gives the Alley for the Reader's Oop (The New Enthusiast, Issue 12. March 7, 2008)

To the Reader: In Which the Author Sets the Record Straight (The New Enthusiast, Issue 14. March 22, 2008)

The Long Hello: Some Notes on Luck (FanGraphs. August 11, 2009)

Baseball reporting, enthusiast style (The Hardball Times. September 01, 2009)

I Am Trying to Break Your Eyes: A Lengthy Meditation on Baseball and the Science of Happiness (FanGraphs. September 8, 2009)

Sabermetric Blogging and the Oinoanda Inscription (The Huffington Post. January 12, 2010)

Why We Watch (FanGraphs. April 29, 2010)

Hell Isn’t (Necessarily) Other People (FanGraphs. August 2, 2010)

The (anti) Brian Giles experiment (ESPN. August 13, 2010)

Fifth inning changed everything (ESPN. October 23, 2010)