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Evelyn Jane Sharp
British author and suffragist: a key figure in two major British women's suffrage societies. Many of her works were published in The Yellow Book; she was especially well known for her children's fiction. Pen name: Evelyn Sharp
Evelyn Jane Sharp


  • At The Relton Arms (1895) : PG : IA
  • The Making of a Prig (1897) : PG : IA
  • The Making of a Schoolgirl (1897) IA (borrow only)
  • Wymps, and Other Fairy Tales (1897) Uni. of Florida
  • All the Way to Fairyland: Fairy stories (1898) : PG
  • The Other Side of the Sun: fairy stories (1900) : PG : IA : librivox
  • The Youngest Girl in the School (1901) : PG : IA
  • The Children Who Ran Away (1903) hathitrust
  • Nicolette: A novel (1907) hathitrust
  • The Story of the Weathercock with Charles Robinson (illus) (1907) IA
  • Rebel Women (1910) : PG : IA
  • Somewhere in Christendom (1919) hathitrust
  • Who was Jane? A story for young people of all ages (1922)
  • Here We go: the story of the dance (1928)
  • A Parent's Guide to More New Math; Slide Rules and Peanut Butter

Short works from magazines[edit]

Works about Sharp[edit]

  • Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869-1955, (2009) by Angela V. John.

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