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Gabrielle Margaret Vere Long

British author who wrote historical romances, supernatural horror stories, popular history and biography; better known by pseudonym Marjorie Bowen. Her books are much sought after by aficionados of gothic horror and received praise from critics. Other pseudonyms: Joseph Shearing, George R. Preedy, John Winch, Robert Paye and Margaret Campbell

Gabrielle Margaret Vere Long


As Marjorie Bowen[edit]

  • The Viper of Milan: a Romance of Lombardy (1906) Gothic/historical fiction
  • The Master of Stair (Original UK title, The Glen o' Weeping) Gothic/historical fiction (1907)
  • Black Magic: A Tale of the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist, 1922 ed. (1909) Gothic fiction
  • The Sword Decides: a Chronicle of a Queen in the Dark Ages (1908)

  • A Moment's Madness (1908)
  • The Leopard and the Lily (1909)
  • I Will Maintain (1910, revised 1943) (external scan)
  • God and the King (1911) (external scan)
  • Defender of the Faith (1911)
  • God's Playthings (1912)
  • Lover's Knots (1912)
  • The Rake's Progress (1912) (external scan)
  • The Quest of Glory (1912) (external scan)
  • The Governor of England (1913)
  • A Knight of Spain (1913)
  • The Two Carnations (1913)
  • Prince and Heretic (1914) (external scan)
  • Because of These Things (1915) (external scan)
  • Mr Washington (US title The Soldier from Virginia) (1915)
  • The Carnival of Florence (1915)
  • Shadows of Yesterday (1916) short stories (external scan)
  • William, by Grace of God (1916)
  • Curious Happenings (1917) short stories
  • The Third Estate (1917); Revised edition, Eugenie, (1971)
  • Kings-at-Arms (1918)
  • The Burning Glass (1918)
  • Crimes of Old London (1919) short stories
  • Mr Misfortunate (1919)
  • The Cheats, A Romantic Fantasy (1920)
  • The Pleasant Husband and other stories (1921)
  • Roccoco (1921)
  • The Haunted Vintage (1921)
  • The Jest. (1922) From "La Cena delle beffe" by Sem Benelli. Rendered into English and put into novel form.
  • Affairs of Men (1922) (selections from Bowen's novels)
  • Stinging Nettles (1923) semi-autobiographical novel
  • Seeing Life! and Other Stories (1923)
  • "Five Winds": A Romance (1927)
  • Dark Ann and Other Stories (1927)

Individual short stories[edit]

  1. "Pride" Dec 1913
  2. "Gluttony" Jan 1914
  3. "Luxury" Feb 1914
  4. "Wrath" (ss) March 1914
  5. "Envy" April 1914
  6. "Avarice" May 1914
  7. "Sloth" June 1914

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1928.

This author died in 1952, so works by this author are in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 70 years or less. These works may be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.

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