Away, My Unbelieving Fear!

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Away my Unbelieving Fear!
Fear shall in me no more take place;
My Saviour doth not yet appear,
He hides the Brightness of His Face:
But shall I therefore let him go,
And basely to the Tempter yield?
No, in the Strength of Jesus, no!
I never will give up my Shield.

Altho' the Vine it's Fruit deny,
Altho' the Olive yield no Oil,
The withering Fig-tree droop and die,
The Field illude the Tiller's Toil,
The empty Stall no Herd afford,
And perish all the Bleating Race,
Yet will I triumph in the Lord,
The God of my Salvation praise.

Barren altho' my Soul remain,
And no one Bud of Grace appear,
No Fruit of all my Toil and Pain,
But Sin, and only Sin is here;
Altho' my Gifts, and Comforts lost,
My Blooming Hopes cut off I see,
Yet will I in my Savior trust,
And Glory, that He died for Me.

In Hope believing against Hope,
Jesus my Lord and God I claim,
Jesus my Strength shall lift me up,
Salvation is in Jesu's Name:
To Me He soon shall bring it nigh,
My Soul shall then outstrip the Wind,
On Wings of Love mount up on high,
And leave the World, and Sin behind.