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Subject: RE: [FWD: Information about the AZ Wing CAF]

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From: AZCAF_Webmaster [1]
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 11:26 PM
To: <Zul32>
Cc: info@azcaf.org; wingleader@azcaf.org
Subject: Re: [FWD: Information about the AZ Wing CAF]

We'd be happy to share our plane on your wiki article. Here is the information to the questions you had; extract what you want for your aircraft entry/listing. I've attached a couple of pictures too that you can have for the site. Please be sure to include our web address (www.azcaf.org <http://www.azcaf.org/> ) somewhere along the way. Thanks!

1. Aircraft Military Serial Number is 335972; civilian registration is N125AZ.

2. The B-25 was delivered to the 437th Bomb Squadron, 319th Bomb Group, 12th Airforce based at Serraggia, Corsica in the Fall of 1944. Between then and early 1945 the aircraft participated in 15 missions to northern Italy and western Yougoslavia. The B-25 was returned to the US and placed in storage in early 1945 when the 437th BG was transferred to the Pacific theater and re- equipped with Douglas A-26 Invaders. In the 1960s, the aircraft was purchased by Dothan Aviation in Alabama and converted to an agricultural sprayer. Throughout the 1970s the aircraft passed through several owners before being donated to the then Confederate Air Force (now Commemorative Air Force (CAF). The B-25 was assigned by the CAF to the Arizona Wing in Mesa, AZ in 1981. Extensive restoration work was then begun by the Wing's volunteer staff and resulted in a complete teardown of the airframe to remove corrosion and the results of damage from agricultural spray. After 28 years of restoration the aircraft was flown in late May, 2009.

3: The aircraft markings reflect its combat colors during its service with the 437th Bomb Group. The name "Maid in the Shade" and the pinup artwork were added by the Arizona Wing.

4. & 5: The aircraft is owned by the Commemorative Air Force based in Midland, TX and assigned to the Arizona Wing Aviation Museum located at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ.

6. Maid in the Shade has received a FAA Limited Airworthiness certificate.

Photo by David Dunton, AZCAF member. Photo used under permission by AZCAF

Photo by Francois Bergeon, AZCAF member. Photo used under permission by AZCAF

-David (webmaster@azcaf.org)

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Subject: Information about the AZ Wing CAF
From: Zul32
Date: Mon, July 20, 2009 11:34 am
To: <info@azcaf.org>

Congratulations on getting the "Made in the Shade" B-25 airworthy! I was just at your website looking at the pictures, and they are wonderful.

Are you planning to have its own B-25 webpage like you do with the Sentimental Journey? I was just curious. Anyway, the main reason why I'm writing you, is that I'd like to share the fact that it's now airworthy with the rest of the world by adding it to the list of airworthy B-25 "survivors" listed on the Wikipedia website. Here is the link to it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_B-25_Survivors

What I would like to get from you about the plane is a few basic questions answered on it: 1. The aircraft number. 2. History 3. Markings 4. Holder (that's your group the AZCAF) 5. Location (city, state) 6. condition - (still airworthy)

All the details, and examples of what I'm interested in are on that webpage. Also, if by chance you have a couple of pictures you could donate to the Wikimedia commons website (taken by one of you - with a high quality digital camera ) would be great. That way, I could link the information to a picture of it on the website.

If you aren't sure about how to download the pictures to the website, and wish for me to do it for you, I'd be happy to do that.

Thank you, Zul32