Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Act, BE 2528 (1985)/TOC 3

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The Act
1 Title
2 Coming into force
3 Repeal of other laws
4 Reference to local governments in other laws
5 Officer in charge of this Act
Chapter 1 Administrative Organisation of Bangkok Metropolis
6 Status and jurisdiction of Bangkok Metropolis
7 Administrative districts of Bangkok Metropolis
8 Reference to organs under this Act in other laws
Chapter 2 Government of Bangkok Metropolis
9 Governmental branches of Bangkok Metropolis
Part 1 Council of Bangkok
10 Composition
11 Elections
12 Eligible voters
13 Prohibited voters
14 Eligible candidates
15 (Repealed)
16 Prohibited candidates
17 Terms of Council
18 Dissolution of Council
19 Dissolution of Council
20 Dissolution of Council
21 Commencement of councillorships
22 Provisions against conflict of interest
23 Termination of councillorships
24 Termination of councillorships
25 President and Vice Presidents of the Council
26 Vacation of offices of President and Vice Presidents
27 Authority of President and Vice Presidents
28 Secretaries to President and Vice Presidents
29 Regulations
30 Ordinary sessions
31 Extraordinary sessions
32 Quorums; executive branch's rights to attend meetings
33 Voting
34 Scope of meetings
35 Public and private meetings
36 Interrogation
37 General debate
38 Committees
39 Extraordinary committees for draft ordinances on budgets
40 Meetings of committees
41 Power of committees
42 Terms of committees
43 Positional allowances, meeting allowances and remunerations for Council personnel
Part 2 Governor of Bangkok
44 Elections
45 Eligible voters
46 Eligible candidates
47 Terms of office
48 Commencement of terms of office; delegation of duties
49 Authority of Governor
50 Authority of Governor
51 Provisions against conflict of interest
52 Vacation of office of Governor
53 Vacation of office of Governor
54 Vacation of office of Governor
55 Deputy Governor
56 Secretary and Assistant Secretaries to Governor
57 Number of chief advisors, advisors and member of advisory bodies
58 Status of Governor, Deputy Governors, etc., as political officers
59 Salaries, bonuses, etc., of Governors, Deputy Governors, etc.
Chapter 3 Organisation of Bangkok Metropolitan Administrative Service
Part 1 Administrative Agencies of Bangkok Metropolis
60 Administrative agencies of Bangkok Metropolis
61 Secretariat to Council of Bangkok
62 Secretariat to Governor of Bangkok
63 Office of Bangkok Metropolitan Civil Service Commission
64 Office of Clerk of Bangkok
65 Office of Clerk of Bangkok
66 Offices
67 Offices
Part 2 Districts and District Councils
68 District offices
69 Authority of district directors
70 One district office to assume functions of another district office
71 Composition and elections of district councils
72 Terms of district councils
73 District councillorships
74 Presidents and vice presidents of district councils
75 Meetings of district councils
76 Duties and rights of executive branch to attend district council meetings
77 Positional allowances, meeting allowance and remunerations of district council personnel
78 Duty of district directors to facilitate activities of district councils
79 Authority of district councils
80 Provisions applicable mutatis mutandis to district councils
Chapter 4 Replacement and Authorisation
81 Governor of Bangkok
82 Clerk of Bangkok
83 Office directors
84 District directors
85 Secretary to Council of Bangkok
86 Secretary to Governor of Bangkok
87 Chief Officer of Office of Bangkok Metropolitan Civil Service Commission
88 Authority of replacing and authorised officers
Chapter 5 Authority of Bangkok Metropolis
89 Provision of public services
90 Handling of criminal matters
91 Status as public officers under Criminal Code
92 Service charges
93 Carrying out of activities outside jurisdiction
94 Companies
95 Syndicates
96 Authorising private bodies to carry out public activities
Chapter 6 Ordinances
97 Objectives of ordinances; penal provisions in ordinances
98 Introduction of draft ordinances
99 Draft financial ordinances
100 Promulgation of draft ordinances
101 Reconsideration of draft ordinances
102 Disapproved draft ordinances
103 Ordinances on expenditure budgets
104 Promulgation of ordinances on expenditure budgets
105 Disapproved ordinances on expenditure budgets
106 Time limit for considering draft ordinances on expenditure budgets
107 Status of draft ordinances during expiry of Council
108 Decrees
Chapter 7 Finances and Property of Bangkok Metropolis
109 Taxes
110 Taxes
111 Taxes
112 Taxes
112 bis Taxes
113 Municipal activities in Bangkok districts
114 Collection of costs
115 Collection and compulsory payment of costs
116 Authorising other agencies to collect taxes and costs
117 Revenues
118 Expenditure
119 Disbursement of money
120 Audit
Chapter 8 Relations between the Government and Bangkok Metropolis
121 Dispatch of central government personnel to Bangkok Metropolis
122 Government financial support
123 Supervision by central government
Transitory Provisions
124 Application mutatis mutandis of existing laws and statues pending enactment of new ones
125 Enactment of electoral law
126 Establishment of administrative agencies
127 First legislative and gubernatorial elections
128 Conduct of elections pending enactment of electoral law
129 Rate of salaries to be applied for the time being
130 Incumbent members of legislative branch
131 Incumbent members of executive branch
132 Abolition of local government positions
Statement of Grounds