Barnard, Charlotte Alington (DNB00)

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BARNARD, CHARLOTTE ALINGTON (1830–1869), who for about ten years, under the pseudonym of Claribel, enjoyed a reputation as a writer of ballads, was born 23 Dec. 1830. On 18 May 1854, she was married to Mr. Charles Cary Barnard, and about four years after her marriage began to compose the songs which for a time were so extraordinarily popular. What little education she received in the science of music was from Mr. W. H. Holmes, though she had singing lessons from Mesdames Parepa and Sainton-Dolby, and also from Signori Mario and Campana. Between 1858 and 1869 she wrote about one hundred ballads, the majority of which, though popular in their day, are now forgotten. She usually wrote the words of her songs, and published a volume of 'Thoughts, Verses and Song,' besides which a volume of her 'Songs and Verses' was printed for private circulation. She died at Dover 3U Jan. 1869, where she is buried in the cemetery of St. James's.

[The Choirmaster, March 1869, information from Mr. C. C. Barnard.]

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