Beds of roses (1)/O! Wonder to hear!

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THERE liv’d long ago in a country place,
A clever young lad that lov’d a sweet lass:
She lov’d him again, and (O wonder to hear !)
No offers could move her, she lov’d him’so dear.

The Lord of the village took it into his head,
To tempt her to leave him and come to his bed;
He offer’d her jewels, and babbles, and rings,
But she slighted his love, and refus’d his gay things.

He told her he’d make her as gay as a queen,
Her gown should be silk, and her cap colberteen:
But she said linsey-woolsey & bonlace would serve,
And rather than please him she’d venture to starve.

He told her, he’d give her a pad to ride out,
Or a coach, if she lik’d if, to visit about:
She thank’d him, but said, she could very well walk,
If she had a coach, how the neighbours would talk.

He said, for the neighbours, he’d make it his care,
That none, ev’n the Parson on Sundays should dare,
To find fault with her conduct, or offer to blame,
Her manner of living, or blast her good name.

She told him in short, he muff e’en be content,
For jewels or gold should ne’er bribe her consent:
Her heart was another’s, and so should remain,
And she scorn’d to be false for the lucre of gain.

Glasgow, Printed by J. & M. Robertson, Saltmarket, 1805.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.