Ben King's Verse/Like De Ole Mule Bes'

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Some folks is so't o' pa'shal to de cattle roun' de
Ter make a pet ob animals dey find hit so't of balm,
While odders 'fer de poultry stock; de goose, en duck,
   en hen
Is often made de mos' ob by de wisess kind ob men.
Some like de brindle mooley cow 'nd 'low dey hab
   de sense
Ter pear ter know dere massa we'n dey see 'im at de
Some like the yearlin' colt; I've raly seed men stand
An pet a hoss all day, 'nd rub his legs en fetlocks
But gibbin all de animals de faires' kind ob tes'
      I so't o' like de ole mule bes'.

Some pet de mockin' bird en robin redbress' an' de
Some like de gobbler kase he's struttin' roun' mos'
   ebery minute.
Some like de peacock fo' his pride, an' den some like
   de dog,
Whilst odders fo companionship have prefunce fo' de
Some fa'mers like de wedder sheep, en some de little
De billy-goat, an' nanny-goat, whilst odders 'fer de
Some like de little week-ol' calf w'en buntin' roun'
   hits mudder,
An' some folks dey like one thing an' den some folks
   like anudder;
But 'f all de stock I'se raised wid in de Souf, er Eas'
   er Wes'
      I so't o like de ole mule bes'.

Dars sompin' meekly 'bout 'im, hits de fac' he isn't
An' de 'spression on 'is face is like de holy saints ob
When he sort o' histe 'is heel up like 's gwine ter hit
   de sky
He's simply exhcisin' jes ter pestervate a fly.
An' de why he 'pears embarrass'd is kase nature had
   ter fail.
An' made 'im sort o' long on ears, en kind o' short
   on tail.
But den he's mo den 'tatched ter me, and know I is
   his frien'
An' we done made up our mind ter stick tergedder
   ter de end;
So dar's no use ob yo' axin' me, yo's done had time
   ter guess
      I so't o' like de ole mule bes'.

I used ter like Lucindy, but den 'Cindy couldn't
An' little Sim, I worshiped so, de angles coaxed
An' Lize Anne, an' br'er Zeph dere up dar on de hill,
I pa'shley think I hear 'em, too, w'en all aroun' is
Yo' see I'se mo' den lonesome heah, wid nobody ter
Er hide behin' de lilac trees adown de garden walk,
Dat w'en I look at dat ole mule I feel so full ob woe
'Bout little Sim 'at rode on 'im, an 'taint so long ago,
Ob all de frien's dat's lef' me now, I 'raly mus'
      I so't o' like de ole mule bes'.