Betsey Baker (1829)/York you're wanted

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AIR—“ Alley Croaker.”

FROM York I com’d up to get a place,
And travelled to this town, Sir,
In Holborn I an office found
Of credit and renown, Sir;
Says I, Pray, Sir, get me a place;
Says he, Your prayer’s granted,
And when I meet with one that suits,
I'll tell you, York, you’re wanted.

A gentleman soon hired me:
I found he was a gambler;
Says he, I want a steady lad,
Says I, Sir. I’m no rambler,
But if you want a knowing one,
By few I am supplanted;
Oh, that is just the thing, says he
So, Mr. York, you’re wanted.

Now I knew somewhat of a horse,
And master just the same, Sir;
And if we did not do the fools,
E’cod we’d been to blame, Sir,
At races then we both looked out,——
For cash each bosom panted,——
And when we thought the flats would bite,
The word was,———York, you’re wanted.

Away I went one day to see,
I think ’twas the Old Bailey,
There stood the lords and lawyers grave,
Trigg'd out in robes so gaily,
There stood a chap for horse stealing
La———how the poor soul panted,
E’cod, I slipped out o’ court,
Lest York should nest he wanted.

A maiden lady, you must know,
Just sixty three years old, Sir,
There fell in love with my sweet face,
And I with her sweet gold, Sir:
She said the little god of love
Her tender bosom haunted,
Dear Sir, I almost blush to own,
But, Mr York you’re wanted.

In wedloc(illegible text) need not (illegible text),
Most h(illegible text), Sir,
And how (illegible text) how we fought,
Shall n (illegible text) told, Sir;
For Mr. D(illegible text) in one day,
And s(illegible text) he planted;
I wiped my eyes and thanked my (illegible text)
’Twas (illegible text) York he wanted.

So, ladies, pray now guard your hearts,
A secret will I tell, O;
A widower with half a plumb
Must needs be a rich fellow.
With fifty thousand pounds, I think
I ought not to be daunted,
Some lovely girl, I hope, ere long,
Will say, Sweet York, you’re wanted.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.