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Chapter 1[edit]

1Paul a seruaunt of God, & an Apostle of Iesus Christe, according to the fayth of Gods elect, & the knowledge of ye trueth, whiche is after godlynesse,

2In the hope of eternall lyfe, which God that can not lye, promised before the worlde began:

3But hath made manifest his worde, at ye time appoynted through preaching, which is committed vnto me, according to the ordinaunce of God our sauiour:

4To Titus a natural sonne after the common fayth: Grace, mercie, peace, from God the father, and the Lorde Iesus Christe our sauiour.

5For this cause left I thee in Creta, that thou shouldest refourme ye thynges that are left, and ordayne elders in euerye citie, as I had appoynted thee:

6If any be blamelesse, the husbande of one wyfe, hauyng faythfull chyldren, not accusable of riote, or vntractable.

7For a bishop must be blamelesse, as the stewarde of God: not stubborne, not angry, not geuen to wyne, no striker, not geuen to filthie lucre:

8But a louer of hospitalitie, a louer of goodnes, sober, ryghteous, godly, temperate,

9Holdyng fast the faythfull worde, which is accordyng to doctrine, that he may be able both to exhort in wholsome doctrine, and to improue them that say agaynst it.

10For there are many vnruly, and vayne talkers, and deceauers of myndes, specially they [that are] of ye circumcision,

11Whose mouthes must be stopped, which subuert whole houses, teachyng thynges which they ought not, for fylthie lucre sake.

12One of them selues [euen] a prophete of their owne, sayde: The Crettans [are] alwayes lyers, euyll beastes, slowe bellyes.

13This witnesse is true: wherfore rebuke them sharpely that they may be founde in the fayth,

14Not takyng heede to Iewes fables and comaundementes of men, turnyng from the trueth.

15Unto the pure, [are] all thynges pure: but vnto them that are defyled and vnbeleuyng, [is] nothyng pure, but euen the mynde and conscience of them is defyled.

16They confesse that they knowe God: but with workes they denie hym, seyng they are abhominable and disobedient, and vnto euery good worke reprobate.

Chapter 2[edit]

1But speake thou the thynges which become wholsome doctrine.

2That the elder men be watchyng, graue, sober, sounde in fayth, in loue, in pacience:

3The elder women lykewyse, that they be in such behauiour as becometh holynesse, not false accusers, not geuen to much wine, teachers of good thinges,

4To make the young women sober mynded, to loue their husbandes, to loue their chyldren,

5(To be) discrete, chaste, house kepers, good, obedient vnto their owne husbandes, that the worde of God be not blasphemed.

6Young men lykewyse exhort, to be sober mynded.

7In all thynges shewyng thy selfe a paterne of good workes, in the doctrine, vncorruptnesse, grauitie, integritie,

8Wholsome worde, vnrebukeable, that he which withstandeth, may be ashamed, hauyng no euyll thyng to say of you.

9[Exhort] seruauntes, to be obedient vnto their owne maisters, and to please them in all thynges, not aunsweryng agayne:

10Neither pickers, but shewing all good faythfulnesse, that they may adourne the doctrine of God our sauiour in all thynges.

11For there hath appeared the grace of God [which is] healthful to all men,

12Teachyng vs, that denying vngodlynesse and worldly lustes, we shoulde lyue soberlie and ryghteouslie, and godlie in this present worlde:

13Lokyng for that blessed hope and appearyng of the glorie of the great God, and our sauiour Iesus Christe,

14Which gaue hym selfe for vs, that he myght redeeme vs from all vnryghteousnesse, and pourge vs a peculier people vnto hym selfe, zelous of good workes.

15These thynges speake and exhort, and rebuke with all aucthoritie. Let no man dispise thee.

Chapter 3[edit]

1Warne them to be subiect to rule & power, to obey magistrates, to be redie to euery good worke:

2To blaspheme no man, to be no fyghters, [but] gentle, shewyng all mekenesse vnto all men.

3For we our selues also were some tyme foolyshe, disobedient, deceaued, seruyng diuers lustes & voluptuousnes, lyuyng in maliciousnesse and enuie, full of hate, hatyng one another.

4But after that the kyndenesse and loue of our sauiour God to manwarde appeared,

5Not of workes which [be] in ryghteousnesse wrought, but accordyng to his mercie, he saued vs by the fountayne of regeneration and renuyng of the holy ghost,

6Which he shed on vs richlie through Iesus Christe our sauiour:

7That we iustified by his grace, should be made heyres accordyng to the hope of eternall lyfe.

8[This is] a faythfull saying: And of these thynges I wyll that thou confirme, that they which haue beleued in God, myght be carefull to shewe foorth good workes. These thynges are good and profitable vnto men.

9But foolishe questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and striuinges about the lawe, auoyde: for they are vnprofitable and vayne.

10A man that is an aucthour of sectes, after the first and the seconde admonition, auoyde:

11Knowyng, that he that is such, is subuerted and sinneth, beyng dampned of hym selfe.

12When I shall sende Artemas vnto thee, or Tychicus, be diligent to come vnto me vnto Nicopolis: For I haue determined there to wynter.

13Bryng Zenas the lawyer, & Apollos, on their iourney diligently, that nothing be lackyng vnto them.

14And let ours also learne to excell in good workes to necessarie vses, that they be not vnfruitefull.

15All that are with me, salute thee. Greete them that loue vs in the fayth. Grace be with you all. Amen. [Written from Nicopolis, (a citie) of Macedonia.]